Wheres Bob - Rajant Corporation

Rajant CEO Bob Schena is currently on a world tour. But, do you know where he’s going?

After each stop, we will post a picture on our social platforms. We’ll then ask you to guess where Bob’s going next.

For those who figure out his itinerary, your name will be added to a drawing to win $2,023 for your favorite charity. Three prizes will be claimed. There’s a catch; you are disqualified if you know Bob’s travel plans in advance.

Please share this fun campaign with colleagues and connections. Use the hashtag #WhereisBob so that we can track your comments.

Don’t forget; you can’t win if you don’t play!

Rules are simple:

1. Post your guess in the comments about the country you believe Bob is visiting next. 

2. If you guess correctly, you’re entered into a drawing to win at the conclusion of the tour.

3. Rajant will post a picture from that next location to see if you were lucky.

4. And then, they’ll be another post as Bob travels along for you to drop your next guess into. 

Where In The World Is Bob? – 2023 Photo Gallery