The Return of a U.S. Air Force Captain’s Rescue Dog from Afghanistan

November 10, 2020

The Return of a U.S. Air Force Captain’s Rescue Dog from Afghanistan Made Possible by Rajant

Capt Peter Ginger

It is said that a dog is a man’s best friend. Who can resist the smiling face and wagging tail of a lovable and loyal canine, especially when you are more than 6,800 miles away from home? Captain Peter* couldn’t. A U.S. Air Force officer from Nevada, the Captain was stationed overseas in Afghanistan when he noticed the stray almost immediately after arriving.

“I met Ginger when I first got to Eagle base,” said the Captain. “This base has a lot of stray dogs just walking around with many in rough shape. Ginger stood out because she is an absolute sweetheart; very calm/relaxed and loves being around us.”

“Anytime there are people gathering, she takes a spot nearby,” he added. “Whenever you get near her, she just rolls right over for belly scratches. She even goes on a hike with us around base.”

The attentive canine stray won the hearts of the airmen on the base, who named her Ginger for her ginger-colored fur coat. Having her hanging around them on the grounds was therapeutic and a much-needed reminder of life back home in the U.S.

“Ginger has been an amazing morale booster for us all,” Captain Peter continued. “Even when just sitting outside passing the time, she will come right up and sit beside you.” Adding, “Another member of my team was supposed to take her home to America, but his living situation did not allow him to do so.”

The Captain knew that when he returned home from deployment in Afghanistan, he needed to find a way to bring Ginger home to Nevada as well.

“My wife and myself both grew up with dogs, but have yet to get one of our own,” the Air Force Captain expressed. “I believe this is the perfect opportunity as Ginger will likely get ‘put down’ if she does not get to safety. I could not imagine leaving Ginger behind. She deserves a good life in America, and I want nothing more than to give her that.”

Vowing to bring Ginger to Nevada to give her a good home, Captain Peter contacted Trish Gohl, founder of No Dog Gets Left Behind (NDGLB), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in Philadelphia (PA) that provides financial support to reunite active U.S. military personnel in the States with their rescued warzone canines. A $5,000-per-dog expense covers vaccines, medical treatment, transportation, and more. To date, NDGLB has funded over 80+ soldier/dog reunions.

After receiving the Captain’s plea, NDGLB immediately reached out to Rajant for assistance in helping to get Ginger to the States. Just weeks earlier, Rajant had asked if they could assist in bringing home a canine hero again in a time of need. Now the much-loved dog is prepping for her travels to her new home and a new life with Captain Peter and his family.

Bill Raisin 0

Ginger Isn’t Rajant’s First Canine Sponsorship

A few days after Thanksgiving while U.S. Marine Bill* (pictured above) was stationed at a U.S. military base in Afghanistan, he discovered a dust-covered puppy living in a drainage pipe under one of the towers he maintained. She would come close but not close enough to pet, but at the same time, he knew she was hungry. The Marine tried giving the mix-breed stray a piece of cheese, bacon and even turkey, but the canine pup didn’t want any. It wasn’t until the Marine offered the puppy an oatmeal raisin cookie that she came closer and took a nibble. Afterward, she followed Marine Bill back to his truck, climbed in, and made her new home at the the Marine’s barracks. In no time, the two developed a deep bond, both in need of the other.

Determined to get Raisin to the States, Marine Bill reached out to Nowzad Charity (one of NDGLB’s partners), an animal shelter in Kabul that helps soldiers bring their rescued dogs and cats home. The Marine knew his wife and daughter would love “Raisin” as much as he did and he didn’t want to leave her behind once he finished his deployment in Afghanistan. Sgt. Pen Farthing, founder and CEO of Nowzad, contacted Gohl of NDGLB, who reached out to Rajant for assistance in bringing Raisin to the U.S.

Thanks to Rajant’s sponsorship, in May 2019 Raisin flew to her new home in the States where the Marine’s wife and family were anxiously awaiting, with her Marine departing not too far after.

To find out more about other battle buddies and their soldiers, visit No Dog Gets Left Behind.and Nowzad Charity. 🖉

* The last names of U.S. Air Force Captain Peter and U.S. Marine Bill were withheld to protect the privacy of the individuals.