Where There’s Life, There’s Hope: An Air Force Airman’s Desire to Protect Her Country and Rescue a Dog

Where There’s Life, There’s Hope: An Air Force Airman’s Desire to Protect Her Country and Rescue a Dog

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“He who has ‘HOPE‘ has everything.” – Scottish historian Thomas Carlyle

Not everyone has a dream and the bravery to serve and protect their country. But Christina from Vermont did, now as a U.S. Air Force Airman deployed in Romania. And she’s not alone.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Air Force deployed 90 airmen and drones to an air base in central Romania to boost the State’s military presence in an area of Romania where the Romanian military was increasing theirs. Meanwhile, the Pentagon is spending over $150 million to upgrade the Campia Turzii air base in Romania—including improvements made to heavy cargo aircrafts, fighter jets, storage facilities, security, and more.

Back on an undisclosed base in Romania, Air Force Airman Christina was on her way to carry out her daily duty when she came across a white furry canine in distress. She writes:

“I arrived in Romania just a few months ago. I quickly learned about the many homeless dogs that reside here and grew very fond of these sweet pups. A short time after I arrived, my dog of 10 years at home was diagnosed with cancer and his health was unfortunately declining.

In the process of learning this devastating news, Hope made her way to our base. Hope and I met early one morning as I was walking to work. She was surrounded by other dogs who were all barking at her and she was so afraid. I quickly ran over and shooed the other dogs away, and it was at that moment I knew she was so special.

Since that day, if Hope sees me walking, she’s right there with me. When she sees me driving in my vehicle at work, she will follow my car and find me wherever I may go. If I’m with her and another dog starts barking, she quickly goes behind me as if she knows I won’t allow anything to happen.

Hope has been the light on my darkest days. I can’t imagine going home without her.”

Thanks to the generosity of Rajant, Hope will travel from Romania on a commercial flight to Christina’s home in Vermont later this year. This is the third consecutive year Rajant has sponsored the reunion of an active-duty U.S. military personnel with the canine stray they found and formed a deep bond with while deployed in a war zone. Then it becomes a matter of who saved who?

Farming Tractor Spaying A Field

In 2020, Rajant sponsored the safe return of Ginger (pictured above right) a stray named for her ginger-colored fur and befriended by U.S. Air Force Captain Peter while stationed in Afghanistan.

“My wife and I both both grew up with dogs, but have yet to get one of our own,” said Capitan Peter. “I believe this is the perfect opportunity as Ginger will likely get ‘put down’ if she does not get to safety. I could not imagine leaving Ginger behind. She deserves a good life in America, and I want nothing more than to give her that.”

In 2019, Rajant provided the financial support to reunite Raisin (pictured above left) with her human hero, U.S. Marine Bill, who was in the Active Reserve (AR) program and deployed in Afghanistan when he discovered a furry little creature living in a drainpipe, covered in dust and hungry for food.

He shared, “I found Raisin about a few days after Thanksgiving. She was in a drainage pipe under one of the towers I maintain. She would come close, but not enough to pet. She was young, little, and unsure of what this human wanted. She wouldn’t eat the cheese, bacon, or turkey I left her.” His attempt to lure her out continued until he fed the pup a piece of his oatmeal raisin cookie.

More U.S. soldiers—just like Christina, Peter and Bill—are hoping to bring back their beloved rescued pets as they return home from their deployments overseas. While having the dog on base helps the soldiers fight homesickness, having their saved canine with them in the U.S. helps combat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). While the dogs win all the way around. To learn more about battle buddies and their soldiers or to make a donation, visit No Dog Gets Left Behind to make future dreams possible. 🖉