Around the World in 35 Days—Rajant’s CEO Completes His Mission

November 19, 2019

Part 4: Around the World in 35 Days—Rajant’s CEO Completes His Mission

It’s been argued that travel is essential to running a successful business. Get to know Rajant’s CEO Bob Schena. He is a world traveler and a successful businessman.

For those who have yet had the opportunity to meet him, Bob Schena is a Wharton grad with over 35 years of technology and thought leadership experience under his belt and has a remarkable background in cultivating and developing visionary technology companies, from their conception and infancy to launch and acquisition.

Besides Rajant, Schena was the brains and birthfather to Airclic, FutureVision of America, and World Wide Packets, a Gigabit Ethernet company, to name a few. He has a standout record of achievements in building successful companies, which have included integrating sophisticated digital broadband technology, building alliances with technology vendors and strategic partners in addition to running operations, fundraising, content acquisition, negotiations with regulators, development of billing and provisioning systems, and more. Impressive to say the least.

Adding to his repertoire, Schena is a visionary and an entrepreneur who just happens to have the Midas touch when it comes to developing relationships. He is genuine and down-to-the-earth; a very warm and a very likable CEO.

And out of all the companies he has spearheaded, Rajant is by far his favorite. In fact, Schena eats, sleeps, and breathes Rajant blue.

“With age, comes wisdom. With travel, comes understanding.” – Sandra Lake
bob schena in australia

Pictured above: Rajant CEO’s Bob Schena visits a robotic partner, right off the coast of Brisbane, Australia.

Departing from the Singapore Changi Airport, Schena and Foletti traveled by jet to spend the last leg of his global trek visiting multiple partners and distributors in Brisbane, Australia’s third most populated city known for its youthful vibe, subtropical climate, and 283 days of yearly sunshine.

They first met with the entire team at a Rajant distributor, toured their Brisbane facilities, and had an enjoyable dinner with the CEO and owner. Afterward, they met with CEO and Executive GM APAC of a nearby mining and tunneling technology partner for another set of insightful discussions followed by exploring their new premises in Brisbane. Next on the visit list was a leading global resources company that extracts and processes minerals, oil, and gas.

During his stay in Brisbane, Schena met with a robotics company. He shared, “The droid company is making great accomplishments underground with their robotics. There are more opportunities to come out of our discussions, such as ramjet drone technology where drones can travel up 2,000 miles an hour. Simply amazing. I can’t wait to see what is next after this.”

North America
“The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body.” – Anthony Bourdain
bob schena returns home

Pictured above: The travels of Rajant CEO Bob has come full circle from 2018 to 2019 when he last visited with Jan van Wyk MD, Reyno Eksteen, Schalk Burger, and Jean Schroder of Scan RF Projects in South Africa.

Finally, after 17 flights, 24 time zones, and 124 new contacts added to his iPhone, Rajant’s traveling CEO was safely back on American soil. He arrived on a Sunday night and was back behind his desk on the very next morning without missing a beat. His 35 days of non-stop on-the-go to strengthen relationships and form new partnerships had come to an end. But not his fond memories and great stories.

Happy and content while reflecting on his recent travels, one could see it in Schena’s eyes and hear it in his voice how his mission of personally showing Rajant’s high commitment level to its global partners and customers was achieved.

Building relationships. Building Rajant. Building his legacy.

I asked Schena if he had any final takeaways to share about his world tour. Here is what he had to say.

“One of the major impressions was the talent level at our partner companies. It didn’t matter where I was—in South America, Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia, or Australia—the talent that is working with and on our Rajant technology is impressive. They are talented. They are focused. They are first-class.

It was almost without fail that everywhere I visited, I was surprised by how good everyone is technically, particularly in robotics. The folks in Dubai, the folks in Kuala Lumpur, the folks in Singapore, and the folks in Brisbane all have absolute world-class engineering capabilities in all autonomous vehicles—boat, air, and ground-based platforms. In all of those cases, they are intending on utilizing Rajant technology as their communications.”

Schena continued.

“Our customers are all searching for solutions to move forward with a tremendous desire for vast amounts of bandwidth combined with very low latency and extreme reliability. This seemed to be the message globally from our customers directly. They are open-minded as to who is going to provide this and Rajant has an excellent reputation for being extremely reliable. This also bumps up a little bit against their desire for LTE, since we have proven ourselves from a reliability perspective. Frankly, we will be able to compete against any other technology. At the end of the day, it looks like Rajant will probably end up integrating with LTE, so it will be less of a competitive issue and more of a cooperative issue technically.”

Would Schena go on a world tour again? Absolutely.

“It’s a big world. I circled the entire planet, and I will definitely do it again. The direct contact was appreciated and worth its weight in gold to personally hear what our partners, distributors, and customers are interested in. What they want and what their issues are. Everywhere I visited, everyone was more than very appreciative that I made the effort to see them in their homeland. They also expressed for me to visit again. So, I will.”

Mission accomplished. 🖉

This concludes the series on Bob Schena’s global trek to meet with partners, distributors, and customers from around the world and spread the word of Rajant. For past chapters, visit: “Part 1: Rajant’s CEO Prepares to Travel the World to Grow Rajant,” “Part 2: No Land Was Too Far Away—Rajant CEO Returns from His Global Trek,” and “Part 3: Discovering New Insight—Rajant CEO’s Travel Story Continues”.