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Alice DiSanto

Alice DiSanto is Rajant’s AVP of Marketing. Her public and media relations efforts, as well as her work with Rajant’s sales team, strategic partners, and channel, are focused on business development. She is marketing lead for global IIoT initiatives, analyst research, and social media. Prior to Rajant, Ms. DiSanto was with Sharp Electronics and positioned their first-ever outdoor robot to earn five industry awards within the initial 18 months, a distinction unmatched by other early entries to the ground-based robotics security market. Ms. DiSanto conceived and curated Robolliance, the security industry’s original awareness forum, founded by Sharp, to drive understanding and adoption of autonomous technology.

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May 5, 2020  |  Written by

To Be Resilient

Behind the technology are the resilient people of Rajant who thrive without a single point of failure. Together, there is purposeful work within an environment that honors innovation and “giving back” in equal measure.

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