Rajant CacheCrumb:

Bringing the Next Era of Edge Applications to Life

Imagine the Possibilities of High-Powered Capture and Compute… All in One Compact, Ruggedized Package

What kind of application breakthroughs could you create with a single platform that enables high-performance capture and compute on the extreme edge of the network—all with the rugged durability and dynamic meshing capabilities for which Rajant BreadCrumbs® are renowned?

Rajant CacheCrumb makes them possible. This all-in-one edge webserver gives you the power to rapidly develop and deploy speed-driven and memory-intensive edge applications in rugged environments, with new levels of efficiency, robust security, and extreme reliability.

cachecrumb unit

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One Platform Providing All the Building Blocks for Powerful Edge Applications

cachecrumb connect


Ensures Extremely
Reliable Connectivity.

Multiple CacheCrumbs work in concert to form a rugged, reliable, and fully mobile Kinetic Mesh® Network that delivers unwavering connectivity in the most extreme conditions.

cachecrumb capture


Acquires Critical Video and Sensor-Based Data.

CacheCrumb is optimized for mass sensor-based data and video acquisition, securely storing rich data pools with up to one terabyte of SSD internal storage.

cachecrumb compute


Enables High-Powered Edge Computing.

As a robust applications processor, CacheCrumb pushes intelligence to the extreme edge of the network to power real-time, distributed decision-making.

Removing Complexity with All-in-One Functionality

Rajant has simplified the way edge applications are developed, deployed, and managed with CacheCrumb, a platform bringing these powerful components together in one package:

A High-Powered Edge Web Server

As an HTML5 applications processor, CacheCrumb includes a built-in A9 SoC processor operating at 1GHz, 1GB of RAM, and 2GB of System Flash.

It also boasts one terabyte of SSD internal storage for rapid, high-volume capture and storage, and extensive I/O for extreme flexibility.

A Ruggedized BreadCrumb Node

CacheCrumb comes complete in a compact, extremely durable form factor and with all the dynamic mobile meshing capabilities of a Rajant BreadCrumb.

The portable, wireless mesh node can operate in extreme conditions and be easily affixed to stationary or in-motion assets, with an enclosure designed to IP67 standards.

A Secure, Open Standards Platform

CacheCrumb gives you full freedom of a flexible open source compute environment, and can be remotely administered without the need for a main controller or a control room.

Built for extreme security demands, CacheCrumb also supports several strong cryptographic options used for data and MAC-address encryption and per-hop, per-packet authentication.

cachecrumb architecture

Why Push Applications to the Edge?


Edge computing—also known as ‘fog computing’—pushes storage and processing for data-intensive, remotely distributed applications away from the central data center to the outer edges of the network—where the real-time action is happening, for real-time response.

This creates an ‘intelligent layer’ for localized processing closer to end-user clients and devices.

fog computing graphic

Cisco’s 2014 Consulting Services Global IoT Study revealed that 37% of respondents believe that in 3 years, most data generated by IoT solutions will be processed at the edge (mobile devices, applications, routers).

internet of things graphic

Enabling fog computing, CacheCrumb is ideal for applications that require:

  • Very low latency and real-time response
  • Time-sensitive data analysis
  • Streaming data and high-volume storage
  • Wide-spread geographical management and control
  • Wide area and real-time mobility access

Bringing these Next-Era Applications to Life


As a quantum leap in distributed application enablement, CacheCrumb is powering bold new progress across industries. Imagine the possibilities enabled for:

Municipalities – Powering ‘Smart Cities’

  • Distributed Video for Public Safety Surveillance
  • Traffic and Parking Optimization
  • Tourism Marketing and Infotainment
  • Energy Monitoring and Distribution

Transportation – Creating Complete Vehicle Interconnectivity

  • On-Board Vehicle Cameras and Communications
  • Real-Time Telemetry
  • Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) Connectivity
  • Dynamic Payment and Ticketing

Mining and Oil & Gas – Giving Geo-Distributed Control

  • Machine and Vehicle Telemetry
  • Geo-Distributed Sensor Processing
  • Perimeter Security and Surveillance
  • LiDAR Mapping

..and much more.

cachecrumb infographic

Download our infographic to learn more about the powerful applications that can be enabled by CacheCrumb.

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Introducing VideoLocker

The first application to leverage CacheCrumb for long-term distributed video processing and storage.

Rajant’s VideoLocker uses CacheCrumb to capture and store up to 30 days of high-speed, high-definition video coverage, with the ability to run analytics in real-time at each camera site.

Used for public safety and security optimization, as well as marketing initiatives, VideoLocker offers opportunity for any industry in need of a processing and storing extremely high volumes of streaming video, particularly across geographically expansive environments.

To learn more about VideoLocker and its capabilities for your requirement, talk to the Rajant team.

video locker display

Learn More About CacheCrumb Today

Rajant will be holding a series of webinars to further demonstrate the functionality and possibilities for applications developed on CacheCrumb. For more information or to sign up for a webinar, please fill out the form below.