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Powers Productivity & Your Strategic Advantage.

In today’s world, networks must do more than simply provide connectivity. The Living Network™ truly becomes a strategic asset that enables your organization to work as efficiently and effectively as possible – delivering critical, real-time business intelligence to make your operations more productive.

Drive Measureable Gains In Efficiency:

Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks self-optimize, smartly managing themselves so you can focus energy on achieving core business objectives.

Work Anywhere:

Rajant's unequaled ability to turn mobile assets into network infrastructure empowers your organization to take private network applications and data everywhere.

Smartly Engineered to Intelligently Optimize.

The Living Network™ can rapidly evaluate changes in network topology and shift its mobile infrastructure to assure that IP traffic uptime and bandwidth are always maximized. Rajant Kinetic Mesh® intelligently connects all of your ever-changing assets without constantly moving, adding or rebuilding infrastructure.

Self Establishing, Self-Healing:

Requiring minimal administration and maintenance, Rajant Kinetic Mesh® provides mobility, built-in redundancy and reliability to ensure high availability.

No Single Point of Failure:

Unlike other mesh and networking a technologies, Rajant Kinetic Mesh® actually grows stronger as nodes are added, eliminating vulnerable “controller” nodes.

Dynamic in Nature.

The Living Network™ is never static. But Rajant Kinetic Mesh® powers its agility beyond just physical movement. It also enables dynamic frequency shifting to the best available bands, allowing total network utilization. This mesh reacts in real-time to current conditions and communications requirements to ensure critical data is always delivered.

Real-Time Reaction:

Dynamic mobility and on-the-fly frequency changing enables Rajant Kinetic Mesh® to quickly react to and optimize for both physical surroundings and network availability.

Anywhere Availability:

Rajant Kinetic Mesh®’s any-node to any-node communications enable the Living Network™ to transmit and receive data via satellite, point-to-point wireless, or wired links.

Adapts to Any Environment.

The Living Network™ self-adjusts to the needs of the environment in which it operates, maintaining optimal coverage even as network characteristics change – whether nodes are added, subtracted, or dynamically shifted. It’s ever-evolving to meet new or changing business and connectivity demands.

Intrinsically Mobile:

Kinetic Mesh® was made to move. It energizes your ability to connect both fixed and mobile assets in any location as part of a robust, reliable network infrastructure.

Highly Scalable:

Many traditional mesh networks become unusable once they reach a set node capacity (as little as 50). Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks can operate with as many as 600 nodes.


The Living Network™ powers new economic opportunities for your municipality.

With a high-performance, highly efficient and cost-effective Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network, you can help make your city a destination of choice for businesses, residents and visitors alike.

  • Improve worker communications to enhance productivity.

  • Enable seamless connectivity for first responders during crisis situations.

  • Attract new residents and business opportunities with the appeal of ‘smart’ innovation.

  • Amplify the quality and speed of service delivered by municipal departments to all constituents.

It’s all possible with the Living Network™.


The Living Network™ is intelligent and autonomous, with self-configuring, self-optimizing, and self-healing capabilities that make it extremely easy for municipalities to manage.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks enable municipalities to create a ‘smart’ city, helping to seamlessly connect citizens, government agencies, and public safety entities for quantifiable gains in efficiency, productivity, and community-wide innovation.

  • Deploy Rapidly: Kinetic Mesh® network nodes can be spun out quickly, as they automatically self-configure to find peers and begin routing instantly through best-available paths.

  • Manage Easily: Rajant’s InstaMesh routing technology self-manages the dynamics of the Kinetic Mesh® network, self-optimizing to maximize bandwidth use by continuously identifying the best-route paths and frequencies to transmit data between people and assets throughout the city.


The Living Network™ can easily shift and scale to meet to the infrastructure and connectivity needs of a municipality’s active populations, even in areas of growing urban sprawl.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks provide a fully mobile solution for seamlessly implementing and integrating communications infrastructure to support high-density environments.

  • Fortify Existing Infrastructure: Enhance your existing fixed private network by providing dynamic mobile connectivity to police cars, fire engines, utility works and mass transit.

  • Rapidly Deploy New Infrastructure: In municipalities with no networking technology yet in place, Rajant Kinetic Mesh® can be the comprehensive answer for both fixed and mobile needs.

  • Eliminate Recurring Leased Line Costs: Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks offer higher performance at lower costs compared to leased line options, providing up to 20 times more bandwidth than wired environments, and without cost-prohibitive monthly fees.


The Living Network™ becomes a seamless, interoperable part of a municipality’s communications infrastructure, adding robust mobility while preserving existing functionality and investments.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh® has the flexibility to support diverse constituent and municipality demands:

  • Residents & Visitors:

    Give citizens access to new social opportunities and create draw to your city through communication innovation.

  • First Responders:

    Provide instant access to time-critical response data and keep police, fire, emergency units constantly connected on the move.

  • Public Safety:

    Improve situational awareness with high-bandwidth transmission of security and surveillance monitoring data.

  • Public Workers:

    Increase communication efficiency for greater responsiveness and productivity.


Drive measurable gains in productivity, efficiency and safety for your mines, while lowering total network ownership costs, with the power of the Living Network™.

The Living Network™ powered by Rajant Kinetic Mesh® is more than just a tool for simple connectivity—it empowers mining operators to do their jobs faster, easier, and without constraints.

  • Enable workers and equipment to communicate in real-time amywhere across the mine.

  • Continuously monitor the status of mission-critical equipment and assets.

  • Run innumerable applications simultaneously across the high-bandwidth, multi-radio network.

  • Mitigate maintenance and downtime with an autonomously managed mesh solution.

It’s all possible with the Living Network™.


The Living Network™ works autonomously to self-configure, self-optimize, and self-heal, so mine operators can stay focused on mining operations, instead of maintenance or downtime.

Rajant’s innovative InstaMesh routing technology also allows the Kinetic Mesh® network to learn each data packet and how best to route it, without wasting time or bandwidth sending overhead messages.

  • Deploys Anywhere: Easily implemented across wide mining areas, even in areas without existing infrastructure, Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network nodes instantly learn how to communicate with each other or seamlessly interoperate with satellite, point-to-point wireless, or wired links.

  • Self-Managed: Continuous production and safety mandates call for unwavering availability, with 24x7x365 uptime in all corners of the mine. Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks work autonomously to assure IP traffic uptime with virtually no manual intervention, providing the needed resiliency even in extreme conditions and across expansive mining environments.


Unlike satellite or even traditional mesh technologies used for mining, the Living Network™ grows stronger as node densities increase.

In fact, in a Kinetic Mesh® network, bandwidth availability multiplies with each new radio added—reducing latency and bottlenecks between people and equipment communications

  • Reacts in Real-Time: If an obstruction is encountered or interference occurs at one node, the Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network employs its self-healing functionality to redirect packets to alternative frequencies in real-time. This mitigates costly downtime, which can cause millions of dollars in losses for a mine every hour the network or equipment goes down.

  • Enables Condition-Based Monitoring: Time-based preventive maintenance models for equipment have been shown to yield 30% wasted effort working on assets that are still running properly. Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks deliver the real-time data from equipment monitoring applications that mine operators need to perform conditioning-based monitoring that optimizes maintenance efforts.


Even in mining landscapes where no existing cellular, 3G or Wi-Fi infrastructure is available, the Living Network™ thrives.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh® is easily deployed to reliably cover people and assets across all remote mining operations—without having to constantly move, add or rebuild infrastructure.

  • Vehicles:

    Continuously communicate with and monitor moving fleets, even when line-of-sight is obstructed by changing topology.

  • Equipment:

    Monitor and manage even remote equipment health with Rajant's ruggedized multi-radio network nodes affixed to loader trucks, shovels, pumps and more.

  • Personnel:

    Give site workers a remote network that acts like a private network. The Living Network™ works autonomously to assure that personnel have seamless communications and instant access to critical data and applications.


Oil & gas operational applications, communications and security are vastly enhanced via the exceptional strength and rugged reliability of the Living Network™.

Only Rajant Kinetic Mesh® offers an industry-tested and proven solution for securely connecting the myriad of fixed and moving equipment, vehicles, vessels and people that drive oil & gas operational efficiency.

  • Reliably network mission-critical assets for a substantial advantage in safety and disaster preparedness.

  • Quickly deploy, scale, and manage a fully mobile network with resiliency to withstand your demanding operating conditions.

  • Support a virtually unlimited range of applications, from remote monitoring of platform and equipment conditions, voice and data communications, and video security.

  • Keep production at a maximum with fewer staff through remote monitoring and proactive condition-based maintenance deployment.

It's all possible with the Living Network™.


The Living Network™ works autonomously to establish and optimize itself across the fixed and mobile locations of your oil & gas field fields, wells, pipelines, and platforms, mitigating manual configuration and minimizing costly downtime.

With Rajant Kinetic Mesh®, there is no single “controller” node on the network – so no single point of failure.

  • Self-Learns: Rajant’s innovative InstaMesh routing technology quickly studies and learns the paths available within the Kinetic Mesh® network, as well as the data packets themselves, to route your critical operational data information via the best combination of node to node connections across the multiple available radio links.

  • Allows Staff to Focus on Optimizing Operations: With the Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network virtually self-managing itself to ensure uptime and availability of all applications, your staff is empowered to focus on business-critical tasks that keep production going 24/7/365.


The Living Network™ is as dynamic as your oil & gas operations, supporting growing geographies and equipment densities with seamless connectivity, and without fail.

In fact, Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks actually grow stronger as node densities increase, providing greater bandwidth availability with each new radio added.

  • Ensures Uptime of Mission-Critical Applications: Rajant's unique dynamic frequency utilization ensures delivery of real-time operational data via the best bands. The Kinetic Mesh® network will automatically react to changes in network topology, detecting unused or blocked frequencies, to assure that IP traffic uptime is always maximized.

  • Keeps You Informed in Real-Time: Any number of applications running on top of the Rajant Kinetic Mesh® can be used to continuously monitor high-value equipment, even in remote locations. Instead of reacting once downtime occurs, staff can take a proactive approach to identifying potential issues, deploying preventative maintenance, and keeping production at a maximum.


The Living Network™ has the strength to withstand the rugged demands of oil & gas operations, with the flexibility to move anywhere your assets go, and adapt to remote connectivity needs.

Even where no cellular, 3G or Wi-Fi infrastructure exists, Rajant Kinetic Mesh® can be rapidly deployed.

  • Offshore Infrastructure:

    Keep total oversight of highly vulnerable drilling platforms, tanker vessels, and other at-sea equipment with constant monitoring. Place Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network nodes on these assets and instantly enable any-node to any-node communications.

  • Manned Assets:

    Satisfy a full range of voice, video and data communications needs using the resilient broadband network enabled by Kinetic Mesh®, wherever your personnel are or go.

  • Unmanned Assets:

    Remotely monitor equipment health and security with any number of applications to save valuable time and costs, as maintenance or manpower need only to be deployed when issues are detected.


The Living Network™ provides the data you need, when you need it, to increase productivity and improve safety of both freight and passenger transportation operations.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh® makes working on the move an extremely efficient endeavor. The fully mobile infrastructure allows rail and bus operators to take private network applications and data everywhere, removing location and bandwidth restraints to optimize operational effectiveness.

  • Seamlessly manage everything from equipment health to train or bus speed and location monitoring, wheel sensors and freight status, fuel consumption, traffic optimization and more.

  • Protect your assets and the assets they are moving—whether people or product—by enabling automated controls, V2V communications, surveillance monitoring and more.

  • Provide a more appealing, safer transit option for today's highly networked consumers.

    It's all possible with the Living Network™.


Not only is the Living Network™ self-establishing, self-healing, and self-optimizing, it minimizes manual oversight so you can stay focused on optimizing your transportation operations in all other areas.

  • Intelligently Connects Vehicle Communications: Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks support vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications for greater safety and security of passengers and freight.

  • Keeps Command Centers in Control: Over the Kinetic Mesh® network, operators can run robust applications for equipment health monitoring, speed and location status, traffic optimization, and accident and collision prevention for all their transportation fleet assets in transit.


The dynamic mobility of the Living Network™ allows it to thrive in areas where other networks cannot, making it an ideal choice for transportation-centric operations.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh® interoperates readily with satellite, point-to-point wireless, or wired links, leveraging existing infrastructure while adding to it a powerful solution for long-range mobility. Operators can better serve staff and passengers with reliable communications that deliver real-time data and content most relevant to their needs.

  • Utilize Frequencies Dynamically: Rajant Kinetic Mesh® technology optimizes bandwidth usage with simultaneously access of up to four frequencies. If obstruction or interference occurs at any one node, the network instantly identifies the next-best path to route data, so connectivity remains seamless throughout transit.

  • Serve Content Dynamically: Kinetic Mesh® gives buses, subway cars, and trains the ability to dynamically load digital content based on their location along the route line. Now you can serve passengers relevant promotions with paid advertising space to offset the costs of important initiatives for safety, security, and more.


Whether covering train lines across vast and remote areas, or tracking bus fleets through densely populated cities, the Living Network™ self-adapts to reliably connect in-motion assets.

In a Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network, every node can be mobile, providing every transportation asset that traverses or resides in the network with robust, high-bandwidth wireless connectivity.

  • Trains:

    Rajant Kinetic Mesh® provides both linear functionality and train-to-trackside handoff, with a 'make before break' paradigm that ensures no loss in communication, even when traveling through remote locales.

  • Buses & Subways:

    Ensure the safety and security of buses, subway cars and their passengers with continuous tracking of these assets through town, and allow immediate police access when emergencies arise.

  • Passengers:

    Make your transportation offering more competitive and appealing by providing high-bandwidth, uninterrupted connectivity for your customers while in transit.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Network Diagram in Municipalities

How Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Networks Work in Municipalities

Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Network Diagram in Mining

How Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Networks Work in Mining

Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Network Diagram in Oil & Gas

How Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Networks Work in Oil & Gas

Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Network Diagram in Transportation

How Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Networks Work in Transportation









Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Networks bring to life the most agile
and adaptable wireless broadband networks

that thrive in today’s diverse, mobility-driven environments.

Watch the Living Network™ Infrastructure Come Alive

living network

The Living Network™ in Municipalities

Connecting All Constituents, Creating ‘Smart’ Cities

With the Living Network™, municipalities can protect the lives of citizens and visitors, enhance the effectiveness of city workers, first responders, and public safety agencies, and seamlessly link all constituents as part of a highly connected ‘smart’ city, wherever they go.

living network

The Living Network™ in Mining

Keeping Assets Covered in Even the Harshest Environments

The Living Network™’s seamless movement across the harshest topologies keeps vehicles, equipment, and personnel connected as they shift across–or under—rugged mining terrain. It intelligently connects even in the worst-case scenarios, for 24x7x365 uptime in all corners of the mine.

living network

The Living Network™ in Oil & Gas

Providing Constant Oversight to Protect Remote Assets

The Living Network™ is able to intelligently orchestrate communications across all oil & gas exploration, drilling, extraction and transportation operations—providing vital mobile broadband connectivity for vulnerable remote infrastructure, both onshore and off.

living network

The Living Network™ in Transportation

Enabling Innovation on the Move

The Living Network™'s ability to wireless connect high-speed mobile trains, buses, subway systems and other transportation vehicles keeps equipment, workers and passengers networked with real-time mobile access, and operators in control no matter where their assets and people travel.

rajant white paper

Use a Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Network to Create Your Living Network™ Infrastructure

Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks power mobility, ruggedness, and autonomy unlike any other – creating a ‘living’ mesh broadband solution that can move and evolve with your connectivity demands.

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