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Rail Terminals January 6, 2014  |  Written by

Maintaining Network Connectivity at US Rail Terminals

Moving shipping containers from a major rail terminal to multiple destinations is complex and the coordination of those shipments is daunting. Rail terminals worldwide are in continuous motion and require constant communication in order to coordinate the various pieces of equipment and modes of transportation with the monitoring station.  An intermodal terminal requires a network that can ensure that shipments and equipment remain in sync.

The ever changing topography of a busy rail terminal can present a challenge for communications.  Everything is in motion.  Personnel and equipment weave in and out of the rows of stacked containers.  Ships, trucks, and trains pull in and out of the yard.  Communication can sometimes break up by the simple fact that the signal is blocked by either containers or equipment.  With the constant shuffling and shifting that takes place there is no predictability with regard to most legacy networks.

However, Rajant is changing the communications expectations of operators and personnel at rail terminals. By deploying a Rajant Kinetic Mesh Network, constant communication is an expectation rather than a mere hope, guaranteeing that shipments are processed efficiently and effectively from arrival through departure.

Rajant has perfected mobility with more than a decade of experience in the mining and military industries.  Unlike traditional mesh technologies, Rajant enables all network nodes to be in motion all the time, all clients to move all the time, and all application data to use any radio necessary to reach its destination – anywhere on the network.

By ensuring all coordination and communication is sent and received without dropped packets or lost calls, the ability to process shipments improves dramatically.

Constant connectivity also ensures that equipment can be continuously monitored remotely providing not just location but also the efficiency, health, and overall safety of the yard.  By knowing where every piece of equipment is at any given time, ports can prevent redundant equipment usage.  They can also safeguard against accidents that occur when limited location information is available.

This animation of an intermodal terminal in action demonstrates how a Rajant Kinetic Mesh Network maintains connectivity throughout the entire yard by providing multiple paths that data can take to improve overall communications capabilities.  Check it out.


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