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to New Productivity, Efficiency and Revenue Gains

Rely on Rajant Kinetic Mesh® as the private wireless network that can keep up with your moving assets and the continuous on-the-go connectivity they demand – so you can keep ahead in an increasingly fast-paced world.

Gartner forecasts that by 2020, the global GDP of IIoT will reach $1.9T.1

Across industries, more and more IIoT sensors, systems, and technologies are being implemented to interconnect people, equipment, infrastructure, vehicles, and other critical assets.

But to truly deliver on the promise of ‘everywhere connectivity’, your applications require a network that can readily adapt to constant change… a Living Network™ that moves with your operations.

See How Rajant Does It


Ruggedized Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks are proven to stand up to the extremes of mine environments, and effectively connect sprawling open pit and underground mining operations.

Rajant enables mining operators to:

Improve production yields

mining real-time dataBy analyzing real-time data with analytical engines, mines can often improve their processed mineral yields by 3 to 10% within months.2

Automate operations for added efficiency

mining self-driving technologyUsing self-driving technology in mines can result in a 15% to 20% increase in production, as well as reduced costs in fuel and maintenance.3

Position for the future of ‘smart mining’

smart miningThe global smart mining market is expected to reach revenues of $13B by the end of 2020.2

How We Do It

We use a unique approach to handoff: we don’t. Rajant’s “Make-Make-Make-Never-Break” method of forming connections means that no connections have to be broken for new ones to be made.

Each multi-radio Rajant BreadCrumb® wireless node in the network can be fixed or mobile and maintain multiple connections at once, providing built-in redundancy for unmatched levels of resilience. Our InstaMesh® software automatically orchestrates traffic via the best viable pathways to deliver your information without delay.

make make make never break

Rail Transportation

Massive amounts of people and cargo must be moved by rail each day. Only Rajant’s network can autonomously adapt to keep equipment, personnel, and customers connected wherever they travel.

Rajant enables rail operators to:

Provide amenities to attract and retain more ridership

increase ridershipThere has been a 28% increase in ridership from 2010 to 2015 on Amtrak rail lines alone.4

Move to a condition based maintenance (CBM) model

decrease stockA condition based maintenance (CBM) system can save as much as 20% in decreased stock in spare parts.5

Increase safety of passengers and workers

prevent accidentsAutomated trains could prevent up to $91 million worth of accidents per year.6

How We Do It


Rajant’s patented peer-to-peer InstaMesh® software performs real-time evaluation to direct traffic via the fastest pathways based on physical surroundings and frequency availability.

InstaMesh seamlessly networks fixed, wireless, and mobile nodes together and will dynamically redirect traffic between the next best available points if any one peer is compromised or obstructed – so your critical data always gets to where it needs to go, quickly.



There are countless operational and security functions involved in the successful movement of cargo in and out of ports—and a Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network helps operators mobilize them all.

Rajant enables port operators to:

Meet increasing demands to move more volume

move more cargo11,000 cargo containers are moved daily in and out of some of the US’s busiest ports.7

Protect assets with improved situational awareness

global surveillanceThe global video surveillance market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 22% between 2016 and 2020.8

Capitalize on automation trends

increase productivityAdoption of automation is expected to increase productivity in ports by about 30%.9

How We Do It

Our small-footprint, IP67-designed ruggedized nodes can be fixed or mobile, infrastructure or edge, and are readily deployed on vehicles, towers, lampposts, buildings, and personnel.

Each BreadCrumb can connect with multiple neighboring nodes via multiple links, providing fully redundant communications throughout the network, even as it or nodes around it move.



Today’s municipal networks must support a broadening range of personal, business, and government applications, all of which are becoming more mobile. Rajant’s network seamlessly integrates with existing communications infrastructure to support highly varied users and needs.

Rajant enables municipalities to:

Enhance public safety to deter crime

information sharingInformation sharing between police departments allows for as much as a 25% reduction in crime rate.10

Support growth of IoT to benefit all city stakeholders

interconnected devicesThe number of Internet-connected devices in smart cities alone is expected to grow from about 1.2M in 2015 to 3.3B in 2018.11

Unlock the efficiencies and value of a ‘Smart City’

city-wide sensorsInstallation of city-wide sensors have helped cities cut energy costs by as much as 25%.12

How We Do It

Ease of management is a key differentiator of Rajant’s network. The robust software applications we deliver as part of our mesh solution help operators configure, monitor, and control network activity from intuitive point-and-click interfaces.

These network management packages – including BC|Commander, BC|Enterprise, and BCAPI – serve as invaluable tools for lowering TCO by allowing administrators to gain global, proactive control of network performance and easily scale to meet changing demands.

bc commander

Oil & Gas

Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks give oil and gas operators the unwavering connectivity needed to access and act on ever-increasing volumes of data, to ensure that productivity is maximized throughout inevitable market swings.

Rajant enables oil & gas operators to:

Increase equipment effectiveness

increase well production Remote wellhead monitoring can increase well production by as much as 20%.13

Capitalize on new innovations to enhance operational efficiency

artificial intelligenceThe fastest growth areas of digital investment in oil and gas are predicted to be in artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, and wearables.14

Create a fully integrated ‘digital oilfield’

revolutionize their operating environments89% of oil and gas professionals believe mobility will revolutionize their operating environments.15