Who Doesn’t Love a Dog? Rajant’s Involvement in Bringing Home Battle Buddies

December 8, 2020

Who Doesn’t Love a Dog? Rajant’s Involvement in Bringing Home Battle Buddies

No Dog Gets Left Behind

Since Rajant’s beginning, the company first had a deep commitment to the military and veterans and now to No Dog Gets Left Behind (NDGLB), a 501(c)(3) charitable organization based in Philadelphia (PA) that provides financial support to reunite active U.S. military personnel in the States with their rescued warzone canine. Rajant has been a Big Dog sponsor NDGLB for two years running—enabling battle buddies and their soldiers to be reunited—and has sponsored the reunions of Marine Bill and Raisin in 2019 and U.S. Air Force Captain Peter with his dog, Ginger, in 2020.

“It’s a complex thing to bring a dog home from a combat zone,” said Bob Schena, CEO and co-founder of Rajant. “No Dog Gets Left Behind that has stepped up to try to accommodate this need and we decided to get involved.”

Rajant first learned about the No Dog Gets Left Behind non-profit in 2019 when learning about an American soldier and a dog he discovered living in a drainpipe while stationed in Afghanistan. Funding was need to transport the canine to the States and to cover vaccines, medical treatment and any spaying/neutering before traveling. The two were eventually reunited.

“Rajant’s involvement with the U.S. military began very early in the history of Rajant,” shared Schena. “Our first customers were the U.S. military. As I and the Rajant team are big fans of soldiers and those who defend our country, we’ve had a history of trying to support the military in multiple ways.

“We’ve flown home a soldier injured in Afghanistan. We funded a memorial at Fort Benning for the 3rd Brigade soldiers killed in the first run-up attack into Baghdad. We’ve hired veterans and host Veterans Day celebrations to raise funds for the Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors. It’s part of our culture here at Rajant, our desire to not only service and supply the U.S. military, but to be on the team with them as well to support them.

“It was only natural for us to get involved with No Dog Gets Left Behind. We support this important organization and their effort to bring dogs home from combat areas where they’ve been helpful in the lives of American soldiers deployed overseas. For us, this an important cause and we’re happy to support No Dog Gets Left Behind.”

Rajant encourages your assistance for U.S. soldiers through donations to No Dog Gets Left Behind as well as other organizations looking out for our veterans. Follow Rajant on social media or sign up for our emails to get to know all the philanthropic good works we are privileged to align with.

Click here to watch a short video to learn more about Rajant’s ties to the military and involvement with No Dog Gets Left Behind. 🖉