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Part 1: Rajant’s CEO Prepares to Travel the World to Grow Rajant

Pictured above: Rajant’s co-founder and CEO Bob Schena (third from left) traveled to South Africa in 2018 to discuss business with Jan van Wyk MD, Reyno Eksteen, Schalk Burger, and Jean Schroder of Scan RF Projects.

Thomas Fuller once said, “Travel makes a wise man better, and a fool worse.” Meet Bob Schena. He’s about to become even wiser.

It’s a sunny day in early July at the Rajant’s corporate headquarters in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Schena is busy as usual in his office, but on this particular day he’s finalizing his meeting dates and logistics for his upcoming grand global tour. In a matter of days, Schena will pack a single overnight bag, board his first flight, and travel around the world to personally meet with partners and customers of Rajant.

Twelve cities. Eleven countries. Six continents. Thirty-five days. First stop? Lima, Peru.

Schena was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and grew up in Warminster, Pennsylvania. His father was an electrical engineer, managing a division at Fischer and Porter, and his mother was physician’s assistant. He graduated with a BA degree in Business Administration from Temple University, then received an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. It was when Schena was in his mid-twenties when he first started to travel.

Schena spent the next 30 years forming and establishing technology companies, including Rajant, Airclic, FutureVision of America, and World Wide Packets, a Gigabit Ethernet company—becoming an industry-respected serial entrepreneur. His business achievements accumulated as fast as his frequent flier miles accrued, with standout accomplishments in the integration of sophisticated digital broadband technology, building alliances with technology vendors and strategic partners, operations, fundraising, content acquisition, negotiations with regulators, development of billing and provisioning systems, and more.

Back to Schena’s upcoming globetrotting. When I took a look at his full itinerary, it’s enough to make one’s head spin. There are meetings, site tours, and dinners followed by more meetings, more site tours, and more dinners with 21 different companies—all in 35 days. But if anyone can pull this off, it’s Schena, who is fit as a fiddle and unfazed by time zones.

Schena will kick-off his tour in South America, traveling to Peru, Chile, and Brazil over the course of 11 days accompanied by Sagar Chandra, Rajant’s VP of Business Development – Latin America. Jetting off from Sao Paulo, Schena will next travel to South Africa for a four-day whirlwind worth of visits in Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Rustenburg with Chris Mason, Rajant’s Director of Sales – EMB. Together they will also fly to Europe for meetings in Belgium and London, then on to the United Arab Emirates. For Bob’s last leg of his tour, Mike Foletti, Rajant’s Director of Sales – APAC, will join him on visits in the Land Down Under, Australia.

While Schena has previously traveled internationally to meet one-on-one with Rajant’s customers and partners, this is his first global tour. When asked why a tour now of this magnitude, Schena had this to say:

“My passion is growing Rajant and to show Rajant’s high-level commitment of support and product development to our partners and our customers, existing and potential. Since a lot of our product is sold internationally and a lot of partners visit us in Arizona, I thought I would return the courtesy and travel abroad.

Last year, I traveled to South Africa and had very productive visits with SCAN RF Projects and Anglo American. Afterwards I thought to myself, ‘I always have very productive meetings when I visit our partners and customers and they are always very appreciative of my time spent with them. So why not visit more often?’

If this helps Rajant, then I am going to do it. We are doing business in 55 countries and making these visits and further building our relationships is a good use of my time to visit partners and customers all around the world.”

In the end, Schena will have flown over 33,000 miles to meet with Rajant’s partners and customers. Clearly the experience will be immensely worthwhile and solidifying the relationships invaluable. But will it be business defining or altering? The outcome of his travels will be featured in Part 2, to be published after Schena returns to American soil later this summer. 🖉

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