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wireless mesh for petrochemical plants

New innovations to revolutionize plant productivity and safety demand a new network solution.

That’s why, they need Rajant Kinetic Mesh®.

Petrochemical plants are turning to Industry 4.0 technologies to capitalize on market growth and keep ahead of competition.

These advanced productivity- and safety-enhancing applications demand industrial IoT connectivity – a requirement that most plants’ current networks cannot fulfill. See how Rajant Kinetic Mesh® provides petrochemical plants with a solution to meet Industry 4.0 directives and manage the increasing amounts of data now in expanding plant environments.

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How Does Rajant Enable Petrochemical Innovation?

Automation and supply chain enhancements are just a few of the many goals petrochemical operators seek to achieve by implementing Industry 4.0 capabilities.

There are several key differences that set Kinetic Mesh® apart from the networks typically employed by petrochemical plants, and that enable them to more reliably support these kinds of advanced applications safely, securely, and at scale.

single multi-purpose network

Single, Multi-Purpose Network vs. Multiple Networks

Plant operators no longer need to maintain separate networks for voice, data, and industrial control systems (ICS). Kinetic Mesh® support all network functions with no-compromise performance, reducing complexity and costs, and enabling personnel to centralize communications to a single device.

c1d2 intrinsically safe network

Flexibly Deployed vs. Explosion Box-Mounted

Rajant’s intrinsically safe C1D2 BreadCrumbs® are compact, lightweight, and ruggedized, enabling them to be flexibly mounted on infrastructure, equipment, or even vehicles without an explosion box. Their small footprint and ease of deployment give operators more mounting options to bring coverage to every corner of the plant, even in areas previously hard to reach.

dual frequency network

Multi-Frequency Resiliency vs. Single Frequency Limitations

BreadCrumbs® make multiple, simultaneous, peer-to-peer connections and support multiple frequencies. This built-in redundancy creates a significantly stronger and more resilient network than Wi-Fi or LTE, which are single frequency and also use controller nodes that can be a potential point of failure.

InstaMesh® orchestrates traffic over the meshed connections via the fastest available path(s). If signal blockage or interference is detected, the network dynamically self-optimizes to instantly redirect traffic using the next best available path(s), upholding never-break coverage even on the move.

scalable petrochemical network

Rapid Scalability vs. Fixed Inefficiency

A Kinetic Mesh® network is logical and easy to manage; the network automatically establishes new links with new nodes as they are added. In fact, network resilience actually increases with scale because additional nodes establish more pathways for the network to leverage. In comparison, Wi-Fi networks are unable to proactively synchronize peer assignments with changing operational and network dynamics, limiting their ability to scale efficiently.

military grade security

Military-Grade Security

Rajant’s network offers robust security capabilities, including multiple cryptographic options and configurable per-hop, per-packet authentication to protect your critical port data.

All of these advantages make Kinetic Mesh® the only network with the adaptability and resiliency to reliably support Industry 4.0 applications in the plant environment. To learn more about how Rajant’s technology can become a strategic asset for your plant, fill out the form below.

network for industry 4.0Solution Brief

Powering Industry 4.0 Capabilities for Petrochemical Plants

See how Rajant’s intrinsically safe BreadCrumb® nodes form a ubiquitous Kinetic Mesh® network for coverage in every corner of the plant.

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networking in petrochemical plantsWhite Paper

Enable Fully-Integrated, Secure Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Operations

This paper discusses why scalable, high-bandwidth Kinetic Mesh® networks provide unmatched connectivity for upstream, midstream, and downstream plant applications.

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c1d2 instrinsically safe breadcrumbsData Sheet

BreadCrumb® ME4, Model 2450R-C1D2

Features of the Rajant BreadCrumb ME4, model 2450R, which is intrinsically safe for Class 1, Division 2 Hazardous Locations.

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