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Vorbeck HD4 Communications Harness: Hot Zone to Cold Zone Communications in One Piece of Wearable Tech

Rajant and Vorbeck have partnered to create a communications harness that embeds the ES1 BreadCrumb® to enable livestreaming of video, voice, and data by personnel in Hot Zones.



Vorbeck HD4 Communications Harness

Designed from the ground up for the unique communications challenges faced by today’s first responders. The Vorbeck HD4 communications harness contains four high-performance embedded antennas, completely removing any antenna protrusions.

Vorbeck Vest Hot Zone Communications

Ensuring the Safety of First Responders Through Various Temperature Zones

The Vorbeck HD4 is equipped with Rajant’s ES1 BreadCrumb, and provides the ideal networking solution to rapidly and reliably interconnect systems, so you can have real-time control and full situational awareness at all times.

Astors 2020 Platinum Award

The Vorbeck HD4 forms a secure self-forming mesh network to enable livestreaming video from the attached low-light camera, clear voice, and high-speed data. The vest is lightweight, waterproof, and designed with NFPA 1994 certified material to allow for decontamination.

Communications Harness First Responders

Rajant Private Wireless Networks Extend Communications into Tunnels, Skyscrapers, Factories, and More

Because Rajant BreadCrumbs work peer-to-peer with other BreadCrumbs, the Vorbeck HD4 can extend connectivity into hard-to-network areas, which may not have existing network infrastructure, by meshing together vest-to-vest and with Vorbeck ND4 Drop Nodes, as well as interconnecting with other nodes that may be deployed on autonomous vehicles, vessels, robots, and drones.

For example, a fleet of police cars equipped with a Rajant BreadCrumb can instantly create a network of nodes encircling an emergency site. Officers, firefighters, and first responders, outfitted with compatible radio transceivers on their bodies, can expand their network, facilitating transmission of video, audio, and data back to police cars.

See how the Vorbeck vest provides live, full-motion, high-definition video, audio, and data streaming from difficult communication environments back to incident command and to every member of the response team.

Vorbeck HD4 Key Features

  • Connects Hot Zone teams to the Cold Zone and to each other
  • Enables livestreaming video to Cold Zone and subject matter experts
  • Includes Rajant Kinetic Mesh® radio (up to 300 Mbps data rate)
  • Includes embedded antennas and electronics (one-piece gear)
  • Fits comfortably with hazmat suits, SCBA and other gear
  • Allows hands-free operation of voice and video
  • Expandable with additional third-party sensors
  • Made with DuraChem® 500 material
  • Decontaminable and waterpoof
  • Features a swappable battery

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