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Vorbeck ND4 Drop Node: Rapidly Deployed to Extend Your Mobile Network for Hot Zone and Cold Zone Communications

The Vorbeck ND4 Drop Node shares the same Rajant InstaMesh® technology as the Vorbeck HD4 communications harness, and can be rapidly deployed to expand the range of your team’s on-site network.



Vorbeck ND4 Drop Node

Designed from the ground up for the unique communications challenges faced by today’s first responders, the Vorbeck ND4 node has the versatility to be deployed as a low profile package in a confined space or tunnel, on a man-portable stand, or mounted on a truck boom (to extend mesh coverage over a broad area).

Vorbeck Drop Node with HD Camera

Connecting First Responders Through Various Temperature Zones

The Vorbeck ND4 Drop Node is powered by Rajant InstaMesh, making it the ideal networking solution to rapidly and reliably interconnect systems for real-time control and full situational awareness at all times.

The Drop Node includes a Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera that can be remotely controlled by smartphone (Android App) or computer, and can serve as a ‘watchman’ remaining on station without concerns of consuming an SCBA or exposing personnel to hazards. The Recon/Entry team can enter the incident area, place the node in the Hot Zone and return to Incident Command where the situation may be safely observed and an action plan developed with speed.


hot zone communications

Creating Networks Where None Have Existed

Secure, self-forming ad-hoc mesh networks of Vorbeck HD4 communications harnesses and Drop Nodes connect team members to incident command even in areas that normally have no RF signal, such as tunnels, skyscrapers, or basements. Relying on a proprietary data routing algorithm, InstaMesh enables continuous and instantaneous routing of wireless and wired connections across all nodes – dynamically redirecting traffic between the next-best available points if any one peer is compromised or obstructed.

See how the Vorbeck ND4 Drop Node can be quickly and easily deployed to create a resilient mesh network used to safely deliver livestreaming HD video between Hot Zones to Cold Zones.

Vorbeck ND4 Network Node Features

  • Connects Hot Zone teams to the Cold Zone and to each other
  • Enables live video sending and receiving between team members across zones
  • Extends communications into tunnels, factories, dams, and skyscrapers through an advanced self-healing mesh network
  • Includes low light/infrared Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera
  • Creates Wi-Fi hotspot to connect mobile devices to the mesh network
  • Comes with lightweight, rapid-deploy stand
  • Creates self-forming, ad-hoc networks using InstaMesh

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