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February 4, 2020  |  Written by

The Quick Start Guide for the Rajant BreadCrumb® DX2 is Now Available

Encased in magnesium and weighing in at only 123g, Rajant’s BreadCrumb® DX2 is designed for private wireless networks on lightweight autonomous vehicles and integrates seamlessly with all Rajant BreadCrumb models to form a complete solution. The pocket-size DX2 is the lightest node of the Rajant BreadCrumb product line and is especially ideal for small robots and drone swarms.

Now, to make deployment of the DX2 even easier, Rajant has published a Quick Start Guide, which is readily available to download from the Rajant Support Portal. The guide was created to help end-users get started as efficiently and effectively as possible in the shortest amount of time.

In the 11-page guide, you’ll learn how more about:

  • Enclosure Features
  • Power Input
  • Mounting Instructions
  • Launching BC|Commander
  • BreadCrumb User Accounts
  • BreadCrumb Configurations
  • Antenna Recommendations
  • And more

Download the Rajant BreadCrumb® DX2 Quick Start Guide and start getting the most out of the DX2 today. 🖉

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