Rajant Private Wireless Network Technology Earns Class 1 Division 1 Certification for Oil & Gas; Enclosures Now Available Through Partner AWS - Rajant Corporation

Rajant Private Wireless Network Technology Earns Class 1 Division 1 Certification for Oil & Gas; Enclosures Now Available Through Partner AWS

New BreadCrumb® ME4 MIMO Models Meet Rigorous Standards for CE Declaration of Conformity for Use in EU and UK

PHILADELPHIA – May 12, 2015 – Rajant, a manufacturer of Kinetic Mesh™ private wireless network technology, today announced successful testing and conformity with CE standards for its new BreadCrumb ME4 MIMO (multiple input, multiple-output) mesh network nodes, certifying them for use in the European Union, the United Kingdom and other CE conforming countries.

Concurrently, St. Louis-based Applied Wireless Solutions (AWS), a global provider of outdoor enclosures and antennas to wireless companies, will provide Class 1 Division 1 enclosures for these Rajant nodes. Rajant selected AWS as its strategic partner for its innovative designs, quality manufacturing and reliable performance.

Rajant makes scalable and highly reliable Kinetic Mesh™ technology, which provides an always-on communications network so critical applications in voice, data and video can be accessed in real time. Businesses, in turn, realize improved operational effectiveness, Quality of Service (QoS), productivity and return on investment (ROI).

“Rajant Kinetic Mesh™ technology networks are built for the most rigorous environments on earth,” said Robert Schena, CEO and Co-Founder of Rajant. “Earning the CE designation will enable more global organizations in oil and gas and other industries to benefit from our scalable, mobile and highly secure BreadCrumb technology.”

The following Rajant MIMO products received CE certification, similar in some ways to UL and FCC radio spectrum designations in the U.S., and are available in AWS’ ATEX-approved Class 1 Division 1 enclosures:

  • ME4-2450R
  • ME4-5050S

Rajant has built a pedigree in military and mining applications. With HAZLOC Class 1 Division 1 accessibility for hazardous locations and CE designation added to its ME4 MIMO products, Rajant is now able to expand the application of its powerful portable wireless mesh network technology to the oil and gas market.

“Applied Wireless Solutions has built its reputation on enhancing the secure, uninterrupted flow of information through wireless networks,” said Victor Intag, President at AWS. “Our partnership with Rajant enables organizations working in hazardous environments to access their applications and data for better decision-making.”

Traditional mesh networks are capable in stable environments. But when organizations require high-levels of mobility, throughput and scalability, they turn to Rajant, whose technology has demonstrated greater reliability and security. Its “Living Network” approach to broadband communication is adaptable, smart, productive and dynamic, and meets ever-changing organizational demands.

“Rajant mesh radios are the only systems we trust to provide rugged, reliable and secure wireless communications to our energy customers’ remote locations,” said Bob Prichard, COO of Proactive Energy Services. “Now that Rajant’s ME4 MIMOs are CE certified and integrated with C1D1 enclosures, we can offer the oil and gas industry a single wireless solution that will operate in any environment. This is something that, before now, has not been available with the features and capabilities that Rajant brings to the game.”

Rajant BreadCrumb wireless nodes create a private wireless mesh network when deployed with other BreadCrumb nodes. The more nodes added to the network, the more paths for communication are established, a differentiating factor relative to other networking technologies. The nodes use multiple radios to perform multiple functions concurrently. Each node is independent with full transport capabilities, and supports the Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine communications.

Rajant’s patented InstaMesh® networking protocol functions as a “mobility enabler within the BreadCrumb network,” and determines the best path and conditions for communication. Using intelligent path selection, it can dynamically change frequency routes to avoid interference and maintain connectivity. The results are a high-throughput, low-latency network.

The CE mark of approval opens up additional opportunities for Rajant, not only in the EU and UK, but also in Australia, Eastern Europe, the Philippines, South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates, where the certification also is recognized. Additional BreadCrumb models from the LX5 Series are in certification testing and expected to be available to CE customers by the end of the year.

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Rajant Corporation is the exclusive provider of private wireless networks powered by patented Kinetic Mesh™ technology, BreadCrumb® network nodes, and InstaMesh® networking software. With Rajant, customers can rapidly deploy a highly adaptable and scalable network that leverages the power of real-time data to deliver on-demand, critical business intelligence from the field. Rajant BreadCrumbs can seamlessly integrate with any Wi-Fi or Ethernet-connected device to deliver low-latency, high-throughput data, voice and video applications across the meshed, self-healing network. With the ability to take private network applications and data everywhere, Rajant networks are used across a broad array of industries, including military, industrial, transportation, utilities, telecommunications, and all levels of governments. For more information, visit rajant.com.