Rajant Animations


Rajant Kinetic Mesh for Industrial Wi-Fi that Stands Above the Rest
How Rajant brings robust outdoor network reliability indoors. [2:29]
Adding Smart Warehouse Technology to Maximize Fulfillment Efficiency
Why busy warehouses need autonomy to meet growing demands. [3:24]

Rajant & Robotics: A Powerful Combination to Power Autonomy
Rajant to realize the full power of robotics by land, air, and sea. [3:37]
Utilities: A Network for the Digitized Power Grid
Kinetic Mesh: Designed like the power grid to power communications. [3:38]

Port Autonomy: Rajant’s M2M-Enabling Network is the Only Choice
M2M comms with Kinetic Mesh enable port-wide IIoT connectivity. [3:02]
Rajant vs. LTE vs. Wi-Fi: Filling the Coverage Gap
Kinetic Mesh can extend Wi-Fi speed and enhance LTE to fill in the gap. [4:00]

Make-Make-Make-Never-Break: Connectivity, Evolved
How Rajant Kinetic Mesh® is changing the paradigm vs. traditional Wi-Fi. [3:26]
Advance Industry Initiatives with Rajant’s Intrinsically Safe Network Solution
How to capitalize on market growth and keep ahead of the competition. [2:40]
Put Your Network on Wheels
How industry operations can receive robust connectivity everywhere. [2:11]
Rajant Kinetic Mesh: Game Changing Wireless Networks
Rajant’s VP of Product Development explains Rajant Kinetic Mesh®. [6:56]
Oil Optimized: Get the Most Out of Every Oilfield with Rajant
How to prepare for the unpredictability. [4:05]