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KINETIC MESH® NETWORKS FOR PUBLIC SAFETY Secure, Reliable Data When & Where Needed

Anytime, anywhere connectivity is critical to public safety operations. Ensuring it is no easy feat. Rajant’s rapidly deployable, self-healing, mobile, and highly secure private wireless solution powers resilient connectivity networks in public safety to overcome the complex challenges of enabling rapid, real-time communications.

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Public safety organizations are not only tasked with building protected communities but must do so while addressing the requests of government, law enforcement, first responders, and citizens. The network they all rely on must overcome complexities, including budgetary constraints, which are always a consideration when planning and implementing network enhancements.

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Incompatible equipment presents hurdles in restricting access to vital information and applications, inevitably holding public safety organizations back from receiving real-time data. Increased bandwidth is required for things like streaming on-scene video, aerial imagery, intelligent traffic systems, and missing person images, which are often on-the-move with mobile personnel and vehicles. Fragmented connectivity or, worst yet, network outages can create serious, life-threatening gaps in situational awareness.

Beyond Reactive Response

Technological advances and real-time data availability have transformed public safety from a reactive model. Predictive and preventative measures are possible to avert, respond, and solve imperative safety and security issues. Whether it is crimes, terror threats, emergency deployments, or traffic matters, robust sensors and cameras can provide notification of activities or conditions that can be beneficial to government agencies and first responder interventions.

In times of emergency response and during events when the public’s security is critical, real-time situational awareness ensures proper allocation of efforts and resources in line with changing conditions. Rajant’s network provides local connectivity that enables first responders and security teams to broadcast telemetry and video live from the scene back to offsite commanders. Central command can then rapidly assess resource needs and deploy appropriate personnel and assets as situations evolve – mitigating lag times in response when time is of the essence. The high capacity network also easily runs bandwidth-intensive CCTV and supports communications for surveillance drones.

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Fixed Infrastructure to Pop-Up Events

If only point-to-point networking were required, then you would have options. Today, however, fully mobile coverage is a necessity for urban or rural municipalities, whether infrastructure exists or not. If striving to become a “smart city” or transforming to a best-in-breed “smart city” solution that enables the mobility of robotic systems and drones, Rajant Kinetic Mesh is ideal. Rajant’s BreadCrumb® nodes extend the range of LTE and integrate seamlessly with satellite. Nodes can be deployed easily and rapidly anywhere, on any asset, to extend or enhance operational coverage, especially for ad hoc special events and emergencies.

With the capacity to multiply and create networks where they did not exist before, Kinetic Mesh expansion does not cripple connectivity. Rather, Kinetic Mesh strengthens as it grows with low-latency, high-throughput, and secure military-grade encryption options for a variety of data, voice, video, and autonomous applications. Expansion and extension of Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh is the choice for crisis healthcare deployments, special events, and dense crowd surveillance, as was demonstrated during the UK’s Royal Wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle.

The ability to leverage multiple paths and frequencies also provides high capacity to guarantee performance of bandwidth-intensive applications like those used for CCTV, real-time situational assessment, and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications between surveillance drones, bomb disposal robots, and other autonomous systems. Kinetic Mesh also allows you to take advantage of licensed frequencies, which is ideal for large event management applications.

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