Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Networks in Utilities:
Bringing Intelligence to the Smart Grid Network

Sustainability is just one of the factors driving modernization of the utility grid and the migration to a more efficient, reliable, and interconnected Smart Grid. In order for utility companies to fully capitalize on the opportunities these advancements provide, they must ensure their network can fully support utility-grade communications and the applications that enhance services and reduce costs.

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Rajant Kinetic Mesh® technology provides secure, scalable, and fault-proof communications for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), analytics, distributed automation, SCADA, substation monitoring, and more.

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Gain the Analytical Insight to Optimize Output.

The utility providers’ network is the critical link from the electricity, gas and water solutions deployed in the field to the central operations center tasked with optimizing these implementations. The Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network ensures high throughput, low latency data delivery from on-site monitoring and management applications directly to operators – continuously and in real-time – so they have the analytics they need to achieve and maintain peak efficiency.

utility-grade communications

Secure Your Assets with Real-Time Control – Anywhere They Are.

As a fully mobile network solution, Rajant Kinetic Mesh® technology employs any-node to any-node communications to ensure no single point of failure and extreme reliability for your business-critical utility applications. This mobile infrastructure also supports rapid scalability to connect expanding utility solutions with ease. By enabling real-time information and data exchange, Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks allows utility companies to achieve new levels of asset utilization and manageability, while ensuring security.


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