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Rajant Kinetic Mesh BreadCrumb - Sparrow

Rajant’s broadband IP67 radio, intended for use in heavy-duty machinery and light-duty vehicle applications, has dual 2X2 MIMO transceivers and four antennas with multiple mounting options. The Sparrow interfaces include wired Ethernet and built-in Wi-Fi access points to enable data, voice, and low-bandwidth video applications.

Rajant Cardinal Module

Rajant credit card-sized dual-radio Cardinal is tailored for warehouse automation and robotics to solve Wi-Fi and LTE limitations for fully mobile M2M communications.

Rajant Cardinal Animation
Peregrine & Hawk – Rajant Kinetic Mesh BreadCrumbs

Check out Rajant’s higher throughput and enhanced security Breadcrumbs. [1:00]


BC|Assurance for Kinetic Mesh® networks, running version 11.22 or newer of Rajant’s InstaMesh firmware, is a technical support program that provides a variety of tools to address the health of a network and includes personal assistance from Rajant technical experts on network performance issues in a proactive and reactive manner from behind the scenes.

BC|Enterprise - Rajant Network Management

BC|Enterprise (BCE) allows you to view network conditions showing what has transpired on your Kinetic Mesh® network. To maximize ease of use and provide relevant information to network managers, data is visualized through a number of customizable dashboards.

Rajant ES Animation
ES1 – Rajant Kinetic Mesh BreadCrumb

Ideal for IIoT applications and deployment on light-duty vehicles. [1:00]

ME4 – Rajant Kinetic Mesh BreadCrumb

The ME series provides ultimate portability of Rajant’s network. [1:00]

LX5 – Rajant Kinetic Mesh BreadCrumb

Rajant’s ruggedized solution for rapidly deploying a resilient network. [0:57]

DX2 – Rajant’s Smallest, Lightest BreadCrumb

Integrates seamlessly with all BreadCrumbs to form a complete solution. [1:06]

Rajant BreadCrumb® Wireless Network Nodes: Robust Functionality in Compact, Rugged Form

Marty Lamb, Rajant’s Vice President, Software Engineering, explains the features and functionality of Rajant BreadCrumb® wireless network nodes. These ruggedized, portable, wireless mesh nodes contain multiple radios, in customizable configurations, and work in concert with Rajant’s patented InstaMesh® networking software to form a fully mobile Kinetic Mesh network – enabling voice, video and data communications to operate over a common wireless infrastructure, even if all nodes are moving.

You’ll learn how Kinetic Mesh networks work autonomously to provide optimal connectivity across an organization’s dynamic environment of fixed and mobile assets, delivering robust applications in real-time.