Rajant Products


Peregrine & Hawk – Rajant Kinetic Mesh BreadCrumbs
Check out Rajant’s higher throughput and enhanced security Breadcrumbs. [1:00]
LX5 – Rajant Kinetic Mesh BreadCrumb
Rajant’s ruggedized solution for rapidly deploying a resilient network. [0:57]
ME4 – Rajant Kinetic Mesh BreadCrumb
The ME series provides ultimate portability of Rajant’s network. [1:00]
ES1 – Rajant Kinetic Mesh BreadCrumb
Ideal for IIoT applications and deployment on light-duty vehicles. [1:00]
DX2 – Rajant’s Smallest, Lightest BreadCrumb
Integrates seamlessly with all BreadCrumbs to form a complete solution. [1:06]
BC|Enterprise – Rajant Network Management
Prepare for the Future of Your Kinetic Mesh® Network with BC|Enterprise. [1:00]