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Rajant and LTE - Hybrid Solution

Solutions that appear viable in a lab or a limited test environment often fail to meet the mark when they’re expanded beyond the simplicity of just one or two devices. Hear about the advantages of pairing an LTE network with a Rajant Kinetic Mesh. An example is the Peregrine LTE hybrid BreadCrumb. Pairings, such as this, are a testament to the necessity of considering how technologies perform not just in isolation, but as part of a larger, more dynamic system.

Rajant and LTE - Private LTE Networks

There’s a chasm between the promise of what private LTE can offer IIoT and what is delivered. For decision makers, knowing the limitations and rigidity of private LTE before making a commitment is critical to your daily operations. Rajant Kinetic Mesh offers the flexibility to adapt and scale to the ever-changing IIoT mobile environments.

Rajant and LTE - Capacity Planning

Capacity Planning – Understand what it takes from a networking perspective to deliver the proper function of various applications that require stable and reliable throughput and scalability for your IIoT needs.

Global Reseller Perspective - Rajant & LTE: Decision-Makers Guide on Selecting Industrial Wireless

Decision makers – What critical applications do you need to effectively run 24/7 for your IIoT operations? Rajant drops in on the discussion with global partners on choosing between Rajant and LTE. Watch and listen to the long-form conversation. Then visit for more.

Rajant and LTE - Series Introduction

Rajant or LTE? Selecting what industrial networking to deploy for your demanding applications, like autonomous operations or high bandwidth video, can be daunting. Rajant offers these insights making it easier for decision makers.

BC|Commander - Kinetic Mesh Network Management Tool

Gain confident control of your Kinetic Mesh® network with Rajant’s easy-to-use, secure-encrypted monitoring and management tool – BC|Commander.
• Real-Time Visualization of Coverage and Connectivity
• Dynamic Click-to-Configure and Scale
• Remote Workstation Network Manipulation for Optimization

Rajant Kinetic Mesh Radio Kit for Boston Dynamics

Enabling Continuous Mobile M2M Connectivity Anywhere – Autonomous systems and robotics are becoming operational necessities. Robots, like Boston Dynamics’ Spot, are being used more and more for working in environments that might not be suitable for humans. To keep Spot going anywhere, any time, and under any condition, Rajant enables continuous on-the-move connectivity for machine-to-machine (M2M).

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Rajant Public Safety (Texas)

Making an accurate lifesaving decision depends on the complete picture of what’s going on. That’s where Rajant Kinetic Mesh comes in. For public safety and security, Rajant enables mission-critical connectivity for drone deployments, robot observations, LPR cameras, video surveillance, body wearables, and more. Having the information based on facts, firefighters, police, and officers serving our country are safeguarded with the ability to observe danger remotely and in real-time.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh for Industrial Wi-Fi that Stands Above the Rest

Rajant brings outdoor network reliability inside. Rajant offers built-in redundancy mitigating interference with high bandwidth to run multiple industrial apps and M2M communications extending range, all with fast & cost-effective deployment… using less infrastructure.

Rajant Robotics Animation

All autonomous robotic platforms require continuous mobile connectivity over which to output real-time data and receive real-time input needed to perform their missions. If these links break, even momentarily, the robot stops running completely. That’s why they require Rajant Kinetic Mesh®—the network that is as mobile and autonomous as the robotics it enables.

Rajant vs. LTE vs. Wi-Fi: Filling the Coverage Gap [CC]

Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh industrial wireless network fills the gap between LAN (Wi-Fi) and WAN (LTE) coverage providing continuous connectivity for mission-critical IIoT applications in mobile, challenging, and ever-changing environments.

OSIsoft News

Rajant Sales Director, Todd Rigby, describes how industrial customers in extreme environments use Rajant’s AI enhanced Kinetic Mesh wireless networks to communicate with mission-critical applications, like the PI System. Todd talked with OSIsoft’s Michael Kanellos in April at PI World San Francisco 2019.

Make-Make-Make-Never-Break: Connectivity, Evolved

When it comes to mission-critical network reliability, it’s all in the hand-off… or not. This video tells the story of Rajant’s “Make-Make-Make-Never-Break” Kinetic Mesh® network connectivity, and how it’s changing the paradigm versus Traditional Wi-Fi.

Launch on Alert - Rajant Mesh Drones

The USA national average is 7 minutes to get eyes on a home emergency or alarm. We test an autonomous drone swarm for response time based on a home alarm with good results. Developed by Rajant Systems leveraging Rajant Mesh technology.

Advance Industry Initiatives with Rajant’s Intrinsically Safe Network Solution

See how Rajant’s easy-to-deploy C1D2 BreadCrumb® nodes deliver the IoT-enabling connectivity growing petrochemical plants and industrial manufacturers need to enable new Industry 4.0 efficiencies – safely, securely, and at scale.

Put Your Network on Wheels

Today’s expansive industrial operations require robust connectivity everywhere. That’s why static cell towers aren’t enough. See how Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh® technology acts as a Cell Tower on Wheels, enabling people and assets to bring reliable connectivity with them wherever they go.

Rajant Kinetic Mesh: Game Changing Wireless Networks

With a high degree of uptime, ruggedized performance under the harshest conditions and the easiest, quickest installation on the market, Rajant has what it takes for you to secure new business and exceed your clients’ requirements. Hear from Rajant’s VP of Development, Marty Lamb.

Rajant Technology: An Ideal Fit for Moorehead University

Rajant CEO dives deep in an overview on Rajant. [46:27]

Rajant Technology Outperforms Innovative, Ruggedized Hardware Design & Manufacturing

Hear from Rajant engineers on how they work to continually enhance the integrity of Rajant’s hardware designs and ensure manufacturability, to keep components running at optimal performance in long-term use. You’ll learn why Rajant has earned numerous awards from key customers, for delivering reliable, safe, and valuable wireless networking solutions.

Why Rajant Technology Outperforms: Innovative, Ruggedized Hardware Design & Manufacturing

Tour Rajant’s facilities as our engineers explain how they work to continually enhance the integrity of Rajant’s hardware designs and ensure manufacturability, to keep components running at optimal performance in long-term use. You’ll learn why Rajant has earned numerous awards from key customers, for delivering reliable, safe and valuable wireless networking solutions.