Our Culture:
Our Company Culture Embraces the Needs of Each Employee and Fosters a Successful Business Environment

We believe that Rajant’s success is about more than hard work. It’s about cultivating a compelling culture. It’s about investing in our people. It’s about embracing the family spirit while focusing on our innovation and upholding our commitment to our partners and end customers.

Team Rajant

At Rajant, we are a team of dedicated and innovative professionals from across the globe working together for a common goal—to advance the world of wireless mesh networking. We are like-minded engineers, visionaries, data hounds, number crunchers, relationship builders, and storytellers who are at the top of our game and dedicating ourselves to provide the world’s most efficient and reliable private wireless networks while reimagining how tomorrow’s workforce works. And along the way we have also created a dynamic, fun, inspiring environment where we can be ourselves and grow each day. We invite you to take a glimpse into life at Rajant, our traditions, and our endless pursuit to always enjoy the journey to be the best.

Our Core Values

Rajant’s four core values—1) Collaboration with customer focus, 2) Openness to innovation, 3) Responsiveness with respect, and 4) Engagement by example—are the fundamental beliefs of our company and are the driving force behind our company culture. They help us to remain innovative, efficient, and productive while operating as a cohesive unit. These principles also create an environment where we collaborate well together, respect and care about one another, hold each other accountable for our promises, and resolve our disagreements fairly and effectively. Our values are not just words on paper. but an integral part of how we strive to act on a daily basis and achieve company goals. We are a group of people who are dedicated to living and working each and every day according to these four core values.

Our Brand Promises

We focus on achieving our company goals through our vision, mission, values, and brand promises: integrity, insight, innovation, initiative, and intelligence. These five promises are a reflection of our leadership in the marketplace, are statements we use internally to focus on what the Rajant brand must deliver externally to satisfy the needs of our partners and end customers, and how as brand ambassadors we conduct ourselves each and every day. We want every aspect of our company to reflect our brand promises, from the first point-of-contact through the sales and marketing teams to the product development and customer service while staying ahead of the game by creating and innovating new technologies.

Our Work Environment

At Rajant, our work environments are shaped by our talented staff who bring their best selves to the office and work diligently with mutual respect. Armed with the best tools possible to enable our success, we are a family-first company culture who strives to build a strong spirit of camaraderie amongst ourselves, a cohesive work community, and a collaborative environment. We put in the hard work in order to play hard. Sprinkled in throughout the calendar are fun activities, including annual company gatherings, community events, cookouts, open mic nights, holiday festivities, catered events with live entertainment, and more. Additionally, Rajant truly cares about their employees (aka family) and focuses on each employee’s health and well-being. Complimentary healthy snacks and meals, yoga classes, onsite gym, walking trails, volleyball courts, and more are available at various locations. It’s Rajant’s aim to achieve a positive work environment for all. And to top it all off, Rajant was named Top Workplace in Philadelphia (2021) and Best Place to Work in Kentucky (2021).

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