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Rajant’s Reios IoT platform allows data-bridging and edge computing from the field to bring comprehensive, predictive intelligence and automation to your operations.
Satisfy all data collection and monitoring needs with a single, open, and flexible IoT platform across a Rajant Kinetic Mesh®️ network. Reios brings intelligent insights to all facets of your operations through various devices that support the platform’s different applications – Smart Lighting, sTrack, Iot BMS, sDesk, and Smart Picking.

Rajant provides these products with

Smart Lighting

Energy-efficient, cost-saving optimized illumination that enables sophisticated IoT applications and services throughout the covered space.

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Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) to monitor staff’s health and safety on the worksite, as well as to track equipment and valuable materials anywhere for cost optimization management and security.

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Flexible and responsive Building Management System (BMS) for dynamic indoor environmental human comfort and security while decreasing energy usage.

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Activity-based cutting-edge IoT office resources that evolve with workforce needs and policy changes while improving comfort and lowering operational costs.

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Smart Picking

Integrated visual aid for simplified semi-automated warehouse operations to improve order fulfillment, staff safety, and revenue returns.

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Kinetic Mesh extends Wi-Fi speed and capacity while bringing continuous mobile connectivity to enhance LTE—filling the gap with mission-critical coverage and added M2M communications.