Rajant Brochures

Company Overview

Rajant is the exclusive provider of private wireless Kinetic Mesh® networks powered by BreadCrumb® wireless nodes and patented InstaMesh® software. Customers can rapidly deploy a highly adaptable, scalable network leveraging the power of real-time data.


Open-Pit Mining

Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh® is the only wireless network that autonomously adapts to operational and environmental change, dynamically evolving to keep applications, equipment, and open-pit mine production running nonstop.



Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh is the leading network technology for ports taking steps towards autonomy in their daily operations, providing for ubiquitous, port-wide mobility and unmatched network resiliency – both of which are needed to enable reliable, efficient autonomous processes.



Rail operations are going digital. Rajant’s wireless broadband network is the only RF solution that enables constant communication between train and wayside and within the dynamic environments of ever-moving railyards – because the network itself is dynamic too.


Underground Mining

Rajant’s industrial wireless mesh networks bring mission-critical connectivity to underground mines without the need for fiber throughout most of your mine. Save significant OPEX and maintenance costs while adding more network capacity and mobility beyond what fiber can effectively support.



Electric utilities can benefit from the cost savings, efficiency, and safety gains enabled by smart devices for remote, real-time grid management. But these new grid devices are only as “smart” as the communications network they run on – and the most intelligent network for the job is Rajant Kinetic Mesh.