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Wireless to Enhance the Sport & Fan Experience Rajant Kinetic Mesh® for Public Venues & Events

For the individual athlete, fan in the stands, and patrons of venues worldwide,safety, efficiency, user experience, and remote observation are imperatives. Whether large or small scale, Rajant wireless networking supports all these with fully mobile continuous connectivity and Wi-Fi enablement.

Let’s Connect

Imagine walking into a busy theme park or going to a big outdoor event, such as a sporting event or music festival. Attendees expect clear, and uninterrupted communications. Smooth communica- tion and connectivity are crucial for visitor safety, crowd control, and general enjoyment in the midst of the exciting and lively atmosphere. This is where Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Networks come into play. They are the unsung heroes that allow event planners to plan indoor and outdoor events that are both memorable and safe for all participants.

A dynamic and adaptable wireless communication technology, kinetic mesh networks are made to flourish in demanding and high-density areas. Rajant Kinetic Mesh Networks, in contrast to conven- tional Wi-Fi networks, which are dependent on a stationary infrastructure, are made up of mobile BreadCrumbs® that autonomously establish connections with one another. This allows the network to be adaptable and self-healing, allowing it to effectively work above interference and around obstructions.

From the Gridiron to Mountain Peaks, Air, and Water, sporting events can be difficult for organizers because of their transient nature. In order to accommodate big crowds with various devices and the administrative demands of personnel and organizers, event venues must be outfitted with feature-rich, controllable, high capacity communications infrastructure. A Rajant installed network will guarantee a successful event.


Whether extreme sport or another large-scale event, Rajant Kinetic Mesh enables live streaming video for judging, enhanced spectating, and remote viewing. The cost of traditional network broadcast can be cost-prohibitive. Still, Rajant provides deployment ease and versatility to create a complete network when and where you need it, without extensive time or technical resources.

Moreover, because the network’s BreadCrumb® nodes work peer-to-peer and can hold multiple connections simultaneously, Kinetic Mesh has the high capacity to support bandwidth-intensive video streaming with reliable performance easily. Dynamic visuals and real-time updates can be shared with a wide array of audiences, from event attendees to home viewers, without lags in the video stream speed or quality.

Extreme Network Mobility to Keep Pace with All the Action

The robust and redundant links formed by Rajant BreadCrumbs are used by Rajant’s InstaMesh networking protocol to orchestrate traffic, selecting the fastest path(s) for delivery. If a path becomes unavailable due to signal blockage from rough terrain, interference, or other issues, InstaMesh will instantly route communications via the next-best available path(s) and/or frequency. It does this autonomously and without outside intervention, maintaining fault-tolerant performance even as network elements move.


Amusement parks and large-scale events must satisfy operational safety, efficiency, and control imperatives while delivering a top-tier guest experience. Rajant’s wireless network supports all these needs with fully mobile park-wide mesh connectivity and Wi-Fi enablement.

Reliably Run Multiple Applications for Control, Safety & Security

Kinetic Mesh comprises lightweight, compact BreadCrumb® nodes that work peer-to-peer to hold multiple connections simultaneously. This creates a high capacity to support multiple band- width-intensive applications with ease. Park operations can easily access real-time data from machines and live camera feeds to enable equipment health monitoring, predictive maintenance, and situational awareness. Large outdoor events can enable CCTV and camera-equipped drones to stream live video feeds for situational awareness and real-time event coverage. Guest safety and security infractions can be quickly identified and averted, and personnel deployed to handle these situations can maintain communications with central command and each other as they move throughout the grounds.

For all sporting events, Kinetic Mesh is also unlike other open access points when it comes to security. It provides Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) to allow you to control security keys and how users are authorized. You can provide user keys at different levels for various roles. At Rajant, we make the complicated simple.


Rajant’s EquineView provides a robust and fully mobile wireless networking solution to enable the live streaming and archiving of video, vitals, and locations of horses in competition, at rest, and work in diverse disciplines.

EquineView enables horse owners, riders, and trainers, as well as equestrian event managers, to take advantage of new technologies like smart sensors and IP-based television broadcasting, giving you real-time, up-close views of horse health and performance: whether covering fast-paced equestrian events, streaming video from the horse’s eye perspective, tracking their whereabouts as they graze, or monitoring their fitness as they work.

Livestream, Televise, or Record from the Horse’s Eye View

Using a small camera with pan, tilt, and roll stabilization mounted to the horse’s bridle, EquineView can enable high-definition video from the horse’s perspective, which can be streamed for live events and/or archived for later review and training purposes.

See how Rajant provided EquineView technology to broadcast the Pacific Coast Circuit Women’s Challenge at Eldorado Polo Club in Indio, CA, from the polo ponies’ perspective.