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Artificial Intelligence (AI):
Solving Complex Challenges with AI-Powered Networks & Technology

Advances in AI and machine learning are revolutionizing many aspects of the world economy as well as industrial, enterprise, and consumer products. Rajant is at the forefront of this transformation, powering AI applications and leading new AI innovation.

Reliable access to real-time data is critical for AI to be effective, which puts Rajant in the ideal position to not only enable, but also develop and deploy these next-generation applications.

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Enabling AI with Our Intelligent Network

Rajant was the first to develop an autonomously adaptable network, infused with the intelligence of our InstaMesh® software. That innovation has spurred Kinetic Mesh to become the ideal platform to unleash the full potential of AI-powered technology and applications today. It is the only solution able to deliver mission-critical, low-latency connectivity required for AI – and uniquely supports machine-to-machine (M2M) communications to enable independent orchestration of missions between autonomous systems.

In addition, applying artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics to our technology will unlock the even greater potential within the industrial network Rajant has created. We are continually exploring ways to further enhance our wireless offerings by integrating these advanced capabilities into our products.

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Developing & Deploying AI-Driven Solutions

The possibilities for AI are virtually endless. At Rajant, we’re proud to lead AI innovation and execution by supporting the development emerging technology applications that leverage AI and machine learning.

A prime example is our partnership with NeuTigers. Rajant and this leading-edge startup are addressing the global public health crisis through CovidDeep. An AI-powered monitoring and screening tool, CovidDeep combines off-the-shelf wearables and smart devices with efficient AI neural networks to enable real-time monitoring and screening of COVID-19 across populations, anywhere and anytime.

CovidDeep’s neural network is trained to recognize patterns in biometric data collected in a HIPAA/GDPR-compliant manner from smartphone/smartwatch sensors. It applies a machine learning model to screen patients and classify them as healthy, asymptomatic, or symptomatic, and to what degree.

NeuTigers CovidDeep

A highly scalable and intelligent solution for pervasive COVID-19 screening, CovidDeep will alert to early warning signs of infection. From mild cases to critical illness, CovidDeep will help people self-quarantine sooner, get treatment faster, and, importantly, enable the world to get back to work and restart the economy.

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    Realizing an AI-Powered Future, Today

    Our work with NeuTigers is just the beginning of the state-of-the-art AI applications Rajant can enable and develop for the healthcare, mining, utilities, construction, and transportation industries, to name a few.

    We’re committed to applying our technology in ways that help our customers solve big, complex challenges and that support the greater good, leveraging AI and machine learning to both enhance Rajant’s cutting-edge wireless networking products and develop emerging technology applications.