Why Rajant?:
Bringing to Life the Promise of Everywhere Productivity

Identifying early the need for wireless network infrastructure that could effectively support ever-growing mobility demands, Rajant Corporation developed its patented Kinetic Mesh® technology—and in turn became the pioneer provider of the most adaptable, scalable, and readily deployed private mobile broadband networks on the market today.

Rajant was established in October 2001, after founders Robert Schena and Paul Hellhake recognized the significant shortcomings in traditional wireless mesh technology, particularly when it came to mobile voice and data networks used by first responders. The Rajant team envisioned a new, more robust mesh technology that would allow these networks to be fully mobile and mobility-enabled, and operate reliably in even the most demanding environments. Enter the Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network.

Actively Evolving the Communications Landscape.

Through Rajant’s unequaled ability to turn mobile assets into network infrastructure, organizations are empowered to take private network applications and data everywhere. That’s why Rajant Kinetic Mesh® networks are used across a broad array of industries, including military, industrial, transportation, utilities, telecommunications and all levels of governments.

Proven Performance, Committed to Continual Innovation.

Rajant brings the entrepreneurial agility of a start-up backed by hundreds of satisfied customers. With increasingly demanding applications, we understand the importance of flexibility and responsiveness and are dedicated to meeting our customers evolving requirements.

It is this real-world application to our technology and product development that drives our engineering team to deliver the most competitive products in the industry—optimally addressing increasingly challenging customer requirements for mobility, speed, ruggedness, and complexity of operations.