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Rajant Kinetic Mesh® for Security A Secure, Private Network for the Convergence of Physical and Informational Operations

Rapidly deploy a safeguarded and reliable communications network, designed for mobile and fixed assets, to address the diverse requirements needed for enhanced security across your operations.

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Security has long been a critical component for the functioning of a company by keeping property safe and people safer. Today, however, security teams are overwhelmed with the convergence of physical and information risks demanding bulk protection in equal measure. Extending beyond the vulnerabilities of facilities, equipment, resources, and personnel is the infiltration of data, which can be hacked and exploited.

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The communication of data is mission-critical for security. At Rajant, security is at the heart of what we do and crosses all the markets we serve.

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Today’s Corporate Assets: Information-Based and Mobile

Corporate assets are increasingly information-based. Connected devices and people are sources of data, which, if carried through a reliable communication network with military-grade encryption options, can fortify monitoring, mitigation, situational awareness, management, and response.

Corporate assets are also increasingly mobile and operate autonomously. The use of air, land, and sea robots is integrated into a company’s security workforce to protect guards from dangerous, at-risk tasks. Robotic technology augments comprehensive, perimeter surveillance and is a source of 24/7, continuous data from onboard audio, video, and sensors. The data-sharing and device cross-communication require robust connectivity and over-the-air encryption.

With military-grade security features, Rajant Kinetic Mesh provides end-to-end information assurance across the network – and, with high capacity via its multi-radio, multi-frequency architecture, supports bandwidth-intensive security applications like those used for video surveillance and real-time situational awareness. As a fully mobile network solution, Rajant Kinetic Mesh technology employs any-node to any-node communications to ensure no single point of failure and extreme reliability for your business-critical applications.

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Create Multiple Lines of Defense Against Data Compromise

Rajant Kinetic Mesh is a private wireless network of BreadCrumb® wireless nodes using our patented InstaMesh® networking software protocol. The InstaMesh protocol seamlessly networks fixed, wireless, and mobile nodes together, dynamically redirecting traffic between the next best available points if any one peer is compromised or obstructed.

Rajant BreadCrumbs offer many levels of encryption for your mesh network to protect packets from devices and people accessing them directly. Packet cipher and MAC address cipher settings from X-Salsa basic encryption to suite B military-grade encryption are available, with per-packet, per-hop authentication to prevent packet injection and MAC spoofing.

Our BreadCrumbs also support Access Control Lists (ACLs) to prevent unwanted MAC addresses from sending or receiving information from the Kinetic Mesh network. Rajant’s robust protection extends to mesh endpoints, as we provide varying levels of security on access point connections, including WEP, WPA, WPA2 personal, mixed, and enterprise.

RiSM is easier to set up than other Hardware Security Module (HSM) solutions and more reliable than software solutions that require a multi-tunnel approach.