Why Partner with Rajant?:
Rajant Outperforms the Competition Putting You On the Winning Team

Our partners go into any industrial networking opportunity with confidence. Knowing that Rajant has demonstrated superior performance consistently to customers in the areas of mobility, scalability, reliability, security, and redundancy gives you the Industry 4.0 connectivity edge.

With a high degree of uptime, ruggedized performance under the harshest conditions and the easiest, quickest installation on the market, Rajant has what it takes for you to secure new business and exceed your clients’ requirements.

Anyone can do wireless and many more network providers can handle static environments. Rajant’s patented Kinetic Mesh® network, BreadCrumb® wireless nodes, and InstaMesh® networking software do connectivity differently. When mission-critical communication matters and zero-downtime, autonomous performance is demanded, Rajant partners have the solution.

Become a Rajant partner and reap the benefits of our multi-tiered program designed to sustain profitable business growth. Rajant is here to enable your success in a global marketplace and generate IIoT revenue streams through collaborative business engagements. With a partnership level suited to your needs, you can enhance your competencies and capabilities through the representation, installation and technical support of Rajant. Pick what works best for you.

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