connectivity matters
June 8, 2021  |  Written by

Kinetic Mesh Technology Enhances Everywhere Productivity (Part 2) A Closer Look at Rajant Kinetic Mesh Technology

Considered the most ruggedized mesh networking hardware on the market, Rajant BreadCrumbs have been proven to operate reliability across challenging terrain and the most extreme conditions.

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Rajantk Kinetic Mesh Technology

coal mining

May 18, 2021  |  Written by

The Mining Sector—at the Coalface of Change

There’s never been a greater need for digitalization within the coal sector, as mining operators juggle the necessity for profitability versus the requirement to drastically reduce running costs, heighten efficiency and improve safety.

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Smart cities

May 4, 2021  |  Written by

How Can You Make a Smart City a Genius?

Using Kinetic Mesh as a communications network for a city means all devices and applications are always connected, increasing overall network redundancy and ensuring continuous functioning of applications.

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