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Rajant – Serving Latin America’s Leading Industries

Business leaders worldwide turn to Rajant for effective communication solutions in multiple industries. In Latin America, these leaders primarily use Rajant Kinetic Mesh® technology to power communications in mining, ports, warehouses, heavy construction, and agriculture

For example, the mining industry in Latin America is booming. Latin American countries contribute half of the world’s silver supply. Chile, Peru, and Mexico mine 40% of the world’s copper. Chile and Argentina supply more than a third of the world’s lithium supply. And other Latin American countries have yet to be tapped for their potential contributions of lithium, graphite, nickel, manganese, and other rare elements that will empower clean energy production.

Rajant serves more than 300 mines globally with its adaptable, cost-effective communication solutions. Rajant Kinetic Mesh is designed to withstand the rugged conditions of both surface and underground mining operations. It’s built to eliminate downtime whenever network infrastructure changes are introduced, ensuring network resiliency and continuous connectivity—even in open-pit mines where the physical landscape frequently changes.

As we settle into 2024, we want to explore how we can help more Latin American businesses reach their full potential through our innovative and cost-effective family of products. To do that, we asked our team members who serve our Latin American partners about some of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in some of the leading Latin American industries. Keep reading to learn what our team members and partners see in their respective regions.

Communication Challenges in Latin America 

First, we asked about some communication problems that Latin American businesses face. The challenges most frequently cited were reliability, real-time connectivity, process automation, and misconceptions about LTE networks.

“Typical challenges are the need for a reliable wireless network for real-time connectivity with the haulage and loading fleet. Recently, it’s been more about reliable coverage for using autonomous and tele-operated fleets. These solutions have a higher bandwidth and low latency demand than most standard wireless networks cannot provide. Having a reliable wireless network is very critical to ensure ROI is achieved.” —Sagar Chandra, Vice President of Business Development, Latin America

“Most industrial companies are looking to improve their process to be more competitive against others. They are looking to automate processes, have more control of the plant, and use AI to help control processes better. This will help managers make better decisions as the data from the field will be more accurate.” —Mauricio Meirelles, Latin America Sales Director, Energy

“Many clients believe that LTE is the solution to automate processes, but they find that LTE technology is not suitable for multiple processes due to frequency availability and capacity of these networks.” —Oscar Velazquez, Sales Director Latin America

Excitement for More Effective Communication Solutions

Next, we asked our team members to tell us what our partners are most excited about as Rajant continues to join forces with more Latin American businesses. Recurring themes include opportunities to grow and expand in several prominent Latin American industries as well as the cost-effectiveness of Rajant’s solutions.

“The most valuable features are that every truck/dozer/shovel/drill with a Rajant node works like a repeater+client, helping other mining equipment to stay connected. Direct machine-to-machine connectivity means we work with fewer infrastructure points, which saves time and money. Finally, there are no annual expenses after the mine’s initial purchase of a Rajant network.” —Sagar Chandra, Vice President of Business Development, Latin America

“Rajant has significant opportunities in Latin America to enhance communications in the most prominent industries, including mining, oil and gas, and ports. For example, Rajant’s flexible, adaptable technology is perfect for the oil and gas industry, which changes frequently to meet demands and market shifts. The work we’re already doing to connect ports will prove to be invaluable in Latin American countries, where we find some of the world’s leading container ports. Business leaders will need to focus their efforts on effective communication systems that are agile and can flex to meet demands—two of our technology’s strong suits at Rajant.” —Mauricio Meirelles, Latin America Sales Director, Energy

Why Latin American Businesses Choose Rajant

Finally, we wanted to know why Latin American businesses rely on Rajant for communication. Sagar Chandra remarks on the mining industry:

“Our solution is uniquely designed to provide continuous, reliable, and scalable solutions for the ever-changing working environment in mining operations. With more than 300 mining installations, we have proven that even with fewer infrastructure locations and higher demand to send data and video, Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh networks will continue to deliver connectivity in real-time.”

Sagar notes why other communication solutions don’t cut it for today’s businesses.

“Having sporadic Wi-Fi was acceptable 10 or 15 years ago. Not anymore. Companies in all verticals are demanding reliable wireless connectivity so they can use technology to make proper decisions.

“When companies roll out new technology costing more than $1M, the ROI will not be achieved if the wireless communication connecting everything is weak and gives no connection from time to time.

“Rajant Kinetic Mesh is designed for industrial use, offers three levels of redundancy out of the box, and is proven in ports, mining, oil and gas, railroad, agriculture, and forestry.”

In short, today’s markets demand reliability and innovation—two components built into every piece of technology we build at Rajant.

At Rajant, we take the Complicated and make it Simple for Continuous Connectivity Anywhere. 

To inquire how Rajant can meet your business’ wireless needs, please reach out to us.