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RAJANT KINETIC MESH® FOR HEAVY CONSTRUCTION Fix Sitewide Wi-Fi Problems to Enable All Your Cloud-Based Applications with One Wireless Network

Base stations, GPS-guided machines, and other advanced heavy construction applications require reliable network connectivity to run effectively, which traditional serial radios, Wi-Fi, and even LTE simply cannot provide. Rajant Kinetic Mesh provides a better, mission-critical network alternative for a connected jobsite.

Let’s Connect

Knowing there is a private wireless network that enables a connected job site opens heavy construction to the full potential of improved worker communications, reduced survey time, minimized equipment wear and tear, increased jobsite security, and optimized productivity. Now make the network easily deployable and rapidly scalable to expand base station range in any direction, and you are talking about Rajant Kinetic Mesh. With Rajant, overcoming sitewide Wi-Fi problems to enable all your cloud-based applications is possible.

Minimize Base Stations to reduce survey grids and Reduce Risk

Heavy construction machinery equipped for GPS guidance depends on exacting 3D survey models to maintain strict tolerances. However, since these base stations often operate in their survey grids, your model builders must reconcile models which often span multiple survey grids. Not only does this create extra labor for surveyors and model builders the potential grade miss-match errors expose companies to profit loss and liability if the finished product doesn’t meet contract specifications.

By deploying Rajant BreadCrumb® nodes at your site, a base station can transmit corrections across a mesh of BreadCrumbs which can span for 10+ miles in every direction. The Kinetic Mesh can easily be scaled by occasionally adding fixed BreadCrumbs for infrastructure to create a line-of-sight connections. When connected to a base station or a single LTE router linked to a reference station, you can extend the base station’s range over many miles. Complicated configuration or IT staff are not required on site. Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh performs reliably even in areas with varied topography like rolling hills or dense foliage because BreadCrumbs autonomously manage data routing around obstructions and local interference. In fact, Rajant’s InstaMesh® protocol allows BreadCrumbs to self-optimize the operation of the network to easily handle both environmental and operational changes.

Machine to Machine (MM) Connectivity

By deploying Rajant, you automatically get M2M connectivity. Let’s face it, you hired your operators because of their talents managing heavy equipment. No one expects them to be wireless experts. Even if they get ahead of your wireless infrastructure while cutting a rough grade, as long as they are within line of sight of another machine, there is no interruption to
their connectivity. In other words, connectivity is automatic and seamless leaving your valued employees focused on what they do best.

Maximize Productivity and Enhance Safety Across the Jobsite

Enabling new applications with Rajant industrial wireless networking will reduce grading risk and improve job efficiency on a jobsite, Rajant Kinetic Mesh provides the resilient, high-capacity, mission-critical coverage heavy construction operators need to maximize productivity and enhance safety. Imagine having the same IP network at your jobsite as you currently have in your office. Real-time voice, video, and data communications, along with network-enabled telemetry from remote sensors to provide equipment health monitoring and predictive maintenance, make for safe and secure returns on the investment made in the latest technology. Think of Rajant as the foundation for your digital transformation.

Video monitoring is also key to ensuring both jobsite safety and security. Rajant’s low latency, high bandwidth network provides the capacity to stream real-time video from remote sections of the site to either the jobsite office or a corporate office (provided there is a broadband connection on site that wants to maintain oversight of job progress remotely). You’ll gain a clear picture of readily reacting to everything happening at th site: from ensuring workers comply with OSHA regulations to heading off security breaches, equipment theft, and site vandalism.

Additionally, Access Point mode can be enabled on any BreadCrumb, fixed or mobile, on either 2.4GHz or 5GHz. This supports connected devices like rovers, smartphones, tablets, and laptops to be used on-site for seamless data capture and transfer across the entire jobsite.

Heavy Construction Network Diagram

Reliable Connectivity with or without an Internet Connection

If you have broadband or LTE service anywhere on your site, you can quickly and easily spread it across the entire site by plugging into the ethernet port of any BreadCrumb. If no internet service is available, no problem. Plug an ethernet cable into your base station and the other end into any BreadCrumb. You are now passing corrections across your site, big or small. If you have a jobsite office, add a BreadCrumb to the office, now a local model builder can send models to machines anywhere on site, while they work. If your supervisor wants to be more productive in his mobile office (truck), add a BreadCrumb to the truck and they will be automatically connected when they drive onto a Rajant equipped jobsite. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

These are just a few of the heavy construction applications that Kinetic Mesh can fully support.

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