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RAJANT KINETIC MESH® FOR AUTONOMY & ROBOTICS The Autonomous Network to Power Autonomous Systems on Land, Air & Sea

The ability of Rajant Kinetic Mesh to transform mobile assets into network infrastructure makes it ideal for connecting autonomous vehicles, vessels, robots, and drones – no matter how large or small.

Let’s Connect

Rajant is the only network for drones and robotics communications that enables continuous mobile connectivity for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications because our BreadCrumb® nodes can be deployed directly on all mobile assets. As autonomous systems and robotics become operational necessities, their ability to move and communicate is network dependent. Rajant’s multi-frequency BreadCrumbs, which can hold multiple connections simultaneously, work peer-to-peer to form robust and redundant links between these assets.

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As a result, drone swarms, robots, and unmanned ground vehicles or sea vessels can also communicate peer-to-peer to orchestrate movements, sense locations, and coordinate task execution – all with the fault-tolerant performance needed to ensure their uptime.

DARPA OFFensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics (OFFSET) researchers test swarms of autonomous air and ground vehicles at the Cassidy Combined Arms Collective Training Facility (CACTF) at Fort Campbell in Tennessee. The Cassidy field experiment is the final of six planned experiments for the OFFSET program, which seeks to develop large-scale teams of collaborative autonomous systems capable of supporting ground forces operating in urban environments. Rajant Kinetic Mesh makes technology like this possible, with air to air, air to ground, and ground to ground connectivity, all swarming together.

Watch how Rajant’s low latency machine-to-machine communications power Boston Dynamics’ Spot product line.

Powerful Performance Packed in a Light Payload

Rajant has extended the robust capabilities of InstaMesh® to a smaller, lighter series of BreadCrumbs that are ideal for deployment on highly mobile autonomous systems and robots. While compact in size, the DX2 and ES1 provide the same reliable and resilient performance in hard-to-network environments as Rajant’s other larger and more ruggedized wireless nodes. From interference-wrought, above-ground settings to underground tunnels and even on water, these BreadCrumbs extend and expand the connectivity range of autonomous systems, allowing them to often roam large geographic areas. Kinetic Mesh enables fully mobile coverage without the need for infrastructure and can provide the operational coverage autonomous assets need when they are far away from LTE towers or have no line of sight.

What’s more, our BreadCrumbs’ multi-transceiver redundancy eliminates any single point of failure for mission-critical reliability. Other networks must continually break connectivity as they handoff, and even a momentary loss of communications can cause an autonomous system to shut down for safety reasons. With Rajant, connectivity never breaks, so autonomous operations run without stopping.

UGV & UAV communications

Pictured above: Ghost Robotics Vision60 version 4 robot with arm by HDT Global. Photo courtesy of Rajant’s partner Ghost Robotics.

Supporting Autonomous Applications for the Dirty, Dull & Dangerous

More and more operations are turning to autonomy and robotics to help automate tedious, time-consuming processes and also keep human personnel out of inhospitable and hazardous environments. Rajant provides the networking solution to rapidly and reliably interconnect these systems, so you have real-time control and full situational awareness at all times. Whether connecting robots performing bomb disposal, drones providing aerial surveillance, unmanned vessels at sea, or autonomous equipment operating underground, Kinetic Mesh provides the extremely mobile and adaptive connectivity they require for optimal performance.

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