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Rajant ConQuest

Rajant provides connectivity in the most challenging industrial environments worldwide. ConQuest provides a sneak peek at Rajant’s ever-expanding global footprint. Grab your team and some Rajant branding to participate in this fun campaign. Send us photos with background details for us to post here. Continue to follow our social media to see where we “conquer” next!

  • Pictured above (left to right): Cody Robinson, Paul Gammon, and Rick Loomis from Locke Supply Co.
  • Country: Oklahoma City, United States
  • Industry Application: Warehouse
  • BreadCrumbs used/network information: Locke Supply Co. is currently moving to a robotics based system for inventory tracking and management and Rajant will be present in their two newest warehouses. The first warehouse, Trosper, is operating on a Wi-Fi based network. For reference, competitors quoted Locke Supply between 40 and 70 access points to cover the area including indoor and outdoor assets. In comparison, Rajant used only 17 Rajant BreadCrumbs® to complete the network. Locke Supply has plans to include Rajant in their new 1 million square foot warehouse planned for late next year.

  • Country: South Africa
  • Industry Application: Remote Control UAV for Agriculture, Defense, Topographic Surveys, and Power Line Inspections
  • BreadCrumbs used/network information: A2D GeoScan’s Helicopter Drone testing the Cardinal AG1-5250.

  • Pictured above (left to right): Steve Petrosky (Northwest Towers), Steven Griggs, Lynn Johnson, and James Hoffman (Northwest Towers)
  • Country: United States
  • Industry Application: Tunneling/Construction application
  • BreadCrumbs used/network information: The tunneling industry faces communication challenges with wireless data acquisition and remote control for years. These challenges stem from the environment, non-line-of-sight applications, and workforce restraints. The client is constructing a tunnel 18 feet in diameter, 14 miles long with many tight radius turns, making it challenging to stay wirelessly connected in the tunnel and to the surface area. he solution included Rajants’ Peregrine BreadCrumb, Northwest Tower’s IGNITE POE power supply (battery operated), and high-quality helical antennas.
  • Quote from Partner or Customer: “This system has performed well beyond expectations. Using this kit, based on RAJANT radios, can cover our entire project, miles of tunnels, with only a few installed units, makes it a great choice for our next project and as our standard for wireless communications”. -Northwest Tower’s client

  • Pictured above (left to right): Rajant team members, Zach Taulbee, Steven Griggs, and Darrell Gillis
  • Country: Canada
  • Industry Application: Underground Mining
  • BreadCrumbs used/network information: Proof of Concept at the NORCAT test mine north of Sudbury in Ontario. Testing included MeshTracer software and tags as well as crossbanding VoIP and VHF Leaky Feeder voice systems.