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When there’s an industry gap, it takes impassioned experts to change it. Seeing the shortcomings of traditional high-risk wireless technology during the 9/11 attacks made Rajant’s co-founders, Robert Schena and Paul Hellhake, realize there had to be a better, more reliable way for first responders to communicate. A much more robust and dependable product—the Rajant Kinetic Mesh® network—was born in October 2001 and thus solidified Rajant’s mission to make successful, ironclad communications commonplace in mission-critical environments. Today, Rajant’s leadership team is packed with expertise in various subjects tied to the global industries Rajant serves, such as mining, heavy construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, warehouse automation, and the military. Rajant Subject Matter Experts have the knowledge and insight to add depth to relevant news content.

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Robert Schena

Thought Leadership

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Dave Acker


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Sagar Chandra

Americas/APAC Growth, Mining, Ports

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Alice DiSanto

Women in Technology

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Don Gilbreath

Robotics, Drone Technology

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Darrell Gillis

Mining, Ports, Heavy Construction, Warehouse Automation

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Steven Griggs

Engineering, Product Management, Technical Training, Professional Sports Communications

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Marcin Kusztal

Mining, Heavy Construction, Technology Transport Optimization

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Andrew Martin

Product Management, Industrial IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning

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Todd Rigby

Heavy Construction, Mining, Autonomous Vehicles/Robotics, Security, other IIoT Industries

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Erich Smidt

EMEA Growth, Mining, Autonomous Vehicles, Automation/Robotics, Security

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Bernard Taliaferro

Partner Growth

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Chris Wall

Oil and Gas, Public Safety, Warehouse Automation, Robotics

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Partner Advocacy

“Rajant is always looking ahead” -Ale Walker, Gray Solutions

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