Autonomous Farming Equipment | Kinetic Mesh Networks for Agriculture

Powering Precision Farming of the Future Kinetic Mesh Network for Agriculture

Farmers are under pressure to increase their yield and improve productivity across all crops – and in turn are demanding more from their networks.

Let’s Connect

Rajant Kinetic Mesh is the only wireless network that can truly rise to the connectivity challenges of precision agriculture and autonomous farm equipment, because the network itself can autonomously load balance traffic, mitigate interference by routing around detected congestion, and dynamically react to topology changes to provide continuous connectivity without fail.

Kinetic Mesh: Powering Faster, More Agile Autonomous Farming Equipment

Unlike traditional Break-Before-Make networks, Rajant’s BreadCrumbs® communicate peer-to-peer via multiple, simultaneous connections. This node- and frequency-level redundancy forms resilient ‘Make-Make-Make-Never Break’ mobile connectivity for farms.

Once tractors, fleets, UGVs, soil sensors, and more are connected to Rajant’s peer-to-peer network via BreadCrumb nodes, they form an autonomous Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environment. BreadCrumb nodes go wherever your farming assets do, seamlessly connecting hot zones to provide ubiquitous coverage over vast acreage.

Rajant’s unmatched network speed and agility means that every connected asset can be on the move and always able to communicate with a remote operator, even at network edge. Experience zero down-time with InstaMesh® technology, which uses node-and frequency-level redundancy to identify hundreds of potential paths and dynamically redirect critical data around silos, buildings, and other farming structures with the fastest possible throughput.

mesh network for precision agriculture

Real ROI for Agricultural Operations

By moving with farm operations, Rajant Kinetic Mesh for Agriculture is able to effectively support precision farming applications that:

  • Enhance Productivity: Maximize the performance and functional life of all farming assets and decrease downtime due to signal blockage.
  • Improve Yield: Automate precision planting, field mapping, and harvesting to maximize every available inch of fertile land.
  • Increase Revenue: Invest in automated farming equipment and an IIoT-enabled network to save money on labor costs and bring more crops to market.
  • Enable Responsible & Sustainable Farming: Lessen the harmful effect of climate shifts by maximizing existing field space, monitoring soil balance, and creating efficient irrigation systems.

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