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Utilize Cowbell to your advantage! The Cowbell is a distributed computing hub and Platform-as-a-Service to simplify the delivery and management of AI solutions at the edge.


The future of Al deployment is here. The Cowbell is a high-performance, industrial-grade hub. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, this state-of-the-art solution simplifies the deployment and orchestration of your Al applications with a single click. The system incorporates Wearable/loT Hub and Device Management, seamlessly integrating wireless (like BT and WiFi) and wired peripherals (such as Serial/ETH). The out-of-the-box support for data pipelines with MQTT/ROS allows for modern data exchange. This native Q-Stat wearable provisioning and support are embedded, accompanied by a dedicated Ul for managing peripherals and deploying applications with RBAC.

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Packed in a rugged industrial-grade IP-rated enclosure, the Cowbell is a versatile platform perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It constitutes a powerful multi-core CPU and GPU with a plethora of wired (Serial, Ethernet) and wireless (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LoRa, Rajant Kinetic Mesh®️) connectivity interfaces and high-speed storage enabling ingestion, hardware-accelerated processing, and network-resilient transfer of multi-modal data from disparate sensors and peripherals. Applications deployed on the Cowbell can leverage the platform’s microservices-based software architecture and foundational services to serve custom machine learning models and facilitate dynamically configurable data pipelines. This state-of-the-art solution provides all the necessary data APIs to bring customers’ own (containerized or non-containerized) applications into the platform. It automates their deployment and orchestration to ensure availability. Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh ensures secure network transport and complete network isolation when needed. Hence, data remains encrypted, both at rest and during transport. Plus, for those seeking a higher level of protection, an inline NSA-grade security module add-on is available. The Cowbell offers an integrated centralized cluster and applications management plane with a simple user interface, providing a seamless cluster provisioning, management, and application deployment experience. Secure remote access is enabled by a lightweight zero-trust VPN solution. Take advantage of the application-level logs, cluster- and node-level resource consumption metrics, and other dashboards for full observability of the health of the cluster and applications.

Markets Served

  • Energy
  • Mining
  • Warehousing
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Ports
  • Military
  • Healthcare

Key Features:

  • Simplified “bring your own apps” capability enabled by open APIs to integrate with Cowbell’s
    core software platform
  • Scalability and extensibility over time enabled by a distributed edge cluster of edge over mesh
  • High availability and failure tolerance enabled by a distributed edge cluster of edge over mesh
  • Peripherals integration — wearables, patient monitors, sensors (wired and wireless)
  • Simplified AI application deployment and maintenance
  • HW-accelerated video analytics and low-latency decision support systems enabled by the
    Cowbell hardware
  • Seamless Rajant Kinetic Mesh integration and configurability
  • Rugged industrial-grade enclosure with IP67 for indoor and outdoor use
  • Single vendor for hardware, software, applications, and networking
  • Local, secure, on-premises deployments
  • Seamless Reios IoT platform integration

The Cowbell is equipped with Applications for automated warehouse inventory management with multi-robot systems featuring AI-enabled pallet barcode detection and tracking, pallet localization. The Cowbell also feature applications for AI-enabled environmental exposure detection and tracking, which enables alerting for exposure to hazardous conditions with a combination of environmental monitoring, asset tracking (indoor RTLS and outdoor), and proximity detection, personnel safety monitoring, AI-enabled PPE detection, and personnel health and wellness monitoring. In addition, large animal monitoring and smart patient rooms are also key Cowbell applications.


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