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Rajant: Making the Complicated Simple

When it comes to good communication, simple is better. Whether you’re writing, speaking to a crowd, or talking on the phone, there’s no quicker way to lose your audience than to complicate your message.

At Rajant, we take the idea of simple communication one step further. Our products— like our Kinetic Mesh® wireless network BreadCrumbs®—exist to simplify communications in even the most complex scenarios. We power the communications that make world wonders possible. We keep passengers connected during their metro rides, even during the busiest travel times. We handle the complicated—building and testing technology that yields faster, more reliable communications—so communicating can be simple. As it should be. ®

Continuous Connectivity Anywhere

In our quest to make the complicated simple, we strive to make the world a more connected place. We recently worked with two partners—Framr Technology AS and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality—to provide easy solutions for complicated tasks.

Framr Technology AS: Building the World’s Longest Subsea Tunnel

When our partners at Framr Technology AS asked us to help them in their quest to build a tunnel spanning more than 15.5 miles and sitting 1,280 feet below sea level, we eagerly rose to the challenge. By using Rajant’s BreadCrumb nodes, Framr Technology has been able to safely operate on a 24-hour schedule to work on the project. Framr Technology can drill and blast as needed by safely communicating with team members in challenging terrain. Framr Technology AS CEO Thomas Berger von Tscharner said this of Rajant: “Our customers depend on the Framr Technology team to create an environment where they can work virtually free from distractions or delays. The rapid deployability of Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh empowers us to fully support our customers, enabling them to focus on their tasks without concerns about communication infrastructure.”  Rajant’s groundbreaking communication technology makes the dependable communications required to safely complete the job, possible.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality: M8 Metro Line

Istanbul’s M8 Metro line sees more than 40,000 passengers every day. The network demands of 40,000 people would easily bog down any traditional solution, such as LTE or Wi-Fi. Once this challenge was presented to Rajant, we got to work, installing BreadCrumbs and train antennas to lay the foundation for the infrastructure that would make communicating easier for passengers. Once this infrastructure was implemented, passengers were able to connect to the internet on their wireless devices without disruptions or lag. Koral Turkkan, AIRadio VP of Sales and Business Development said, “As a truly disruptive technology, Rajant Kinetic Mesh has delivered several very large project wins for AIRadio.” On-train average speeds for passengers hover around 300Mbps—an incredible result that simply wouldn’t be possible with traditional wireless solutions. It’s just another way we guarantee continuous connectivity anywhere. Watch here, to see Rajant’s technology, in action!

For more examples of how Rajant makes the complicated simple, check out our case studies. Or if you’re ready to simplify your communications in your business, reach out to us so we can work together to make faster, dependable communications a reality.