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Protecting Business-Critical Communications with RiSM

As more headlines in the news emerge to tell the stories of cyberattacks crippling businesses, it’s clear that cybersecurity must become a priority. Not only do organizations lose credibility and reputation during an attack, but they lose money. In 2023, data breaches cost the average business $4.45 million. And when the impacted business is a medical facility or military operation, costs extend further than money with real lives on the line.

Rajant is no stranger to witnessing the blurred lines between technology and its real-world implications. On September 11, 2001, we saw firsthand the importance of reliable, fully mobile wireless network systems for first responders in times of crisis. This moment made Rajant’s co-founders spring into action to deliver a solution that would power communications at the most critical times. As industry needs evolve, so do our solutions. In terms of cybersecurity, we call that solution RiSM.

How Rajant’s In-line Security Module (RiSM) Works

The RiSM-1SPF is an in-line network encryption appliance capable of high data bandwidth and low latency throughput over gigabit ethernet. RiSM is a Hardware Security Module (HSM) that protects cryptographic keys by only allowing access to the Crypto Officer. This makes it harder for cyber attackers to find those cryptographic keys, thus strengthening your business’ security posture. HSMs are specially designed to establish a root of trust, safeguarding and managing cryptographic keys and processes within a certified hardware environment.

Based on Rajant’s Wolverine Crypto Module, the RiSM passes the most stringent U.S. Government certification requirements, meeting NIST FIPS 140-3 requirements that guarantee the safeguarding of sensitive information. A RiSM module can be added to an existing Rajant Kinetic MeshⓇ wireless network because of its low power requirements and PoE passthrough capabilities.

RiSM in Today’s Industries

With its robust security capabilities, RiSM can be introduced into many of today’s top industries to improve communications. Todd Rigby, Director of Sales at Rajant, comments on how RiSM outperforms firewalls in business settings:

“We’re breaking new ground by releasing a mil-spec inline encryption device that any company can use to speed up encryption on a Rajant network and provide dedicated private line security over any public WAN connection between facilities. It is a costly venture for companies to build and manage robust firewalls at every facility. Even if they do this, data could be compromised while in transit. By deploying a BreadCrumbⓇ  with a RiSM device, companies can effectively create a steel pipe for their data between facilities over public WAN connections.”

While RiSM is a versatile device that can function in many industries, its strengths and advantages over traditional security solutions shine in two scenarios in utilities and corporate communications settings, as Todd explains.

RiSM in Utilities

Todd provides this scenario:

“A water utility with fiber between its main office and its pump/lift stations can now create secure encrypted connections between facilities. This will prevent Solo and State-sponsored hackers from employing a man-in-the-middle hack where they penetrate the remote location by using known default credentials on Unitronics PLCs, which are Israeli-made. They then backdoor the utility.

If RiSM were implemented at the main office and each of the pump/lift locations, any outside traffic address to the remote site would be rejected because it would not be encrypted.”

RiSM in Secure Corporate Communications

Todd continues with this example of RiSM at work in corporate communications:

“Say a corporate office wants to ensure secure data transfer between itself and all branch office locations. Additionally, corporate IT is currently having difficulty managing and maintaining remote firewalls. By implementing RiSM between the corporate office and each branch office location, corporate IT would only need to manage a single firewall at the corporate office, as the primary window to the world.

All other data would flow via the securely encrypted WAN connections between locations. This both protects the branch office locations from unauthorized intrusion and all data in transit between offices.”

The Benefits of RiSM

RiSM is a safe, competitive solution that consistently outperforms other encryption services, as Andrew Martin, Director of Product Management, remarks:

The RiSM product stands out as a superior choice in the market due to its unique combination of features and cost-effectiveness compared to competitors. Unlike other encryption solutions, RiSM offers high data bandwidth and low latency throughput—crucial for environments requiring rapid data processing. Compliance with the latest NIST FIPS 140-3 standards, currently under final certification testing, guarantees top-tier security.

A standout feature is its design as a Hardware Security Module (HSM), which robustly safeguards cryptographic keys, allowing only Crypto Officers access, thus significantly reducing the risk of key compromise. These aspects, combined with its application across a broad range of critical industries, from federal contractors to public utilities, position RiSM as a more advanced, secure, and cost-efficient option than its competitors, offering unmatched value in network security.”

Steven Griggs, VP of Sales Engineering, explains how RiSM guarantees safe, fast communications:

One of the greatest benefits of RISM is the speed. Rajant offers military-grade security on their Breadcrumb nodes in not only packet cipher but also through per-hop authentication, which means each packet is unwrapped, authenticated, re-encrypted, and sent to the next hop. There is zero chance of foreign packet injection with this method. However, this means there is a lot of extra processing on the node, which will potentially slow throughput.  With RISM, the security is even stronger with the FIPS 140-3 keys, but now there is zero impact to Breadcrumb node throughput.”

Learn More about RiSM

RiSM is superior to other encryption strategies on network devices or PCs. It is faster than wireless network equipment deployed with encryption because it performs the encryption with a separate processor, and it is a more secure encryption strategy than PC-based VPN or portable disc encryption because cryptography keys are kept with only the Crypto Officers. In short, RiSM is an obvious solution for the businesses that care most about security.

Learn more about RiSM on our website—and see how Rajant wireless mesh gives cyber attackers a run for their money in our whitepaper.