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Rajant partners value the manufacturing, engineering, and sales support provided to bring the best connectivity solution to customers worldwide. Hear from Acubis, Baycomm, Easy Aerial, EMCOM, Si-Tech Hawaii, and Tridon on the reliability and ease they have when solving Wi-Fi connectivity problems with Rajant Kinetic Mesh wireless networking.

Rajants Mining Advocacy - MINExpo

Rajant Kinetic Mesh for open-pit and underground mining. Hear from mining industry strategic partners during MINExpo 2021 – Advocacy for Rajant in autonomous environments where tolerance for latency is extremely low. When having any type of disconnection between a vehicle and the network infrastructure will create an emergency stop, Rajant is there to hold multiple connections for uninterrupted performance.

2022 Rajant Advocacy

Partners from 75+ countries worldwide are disrupting how and where wireless networking is enabling autonomous equipment and applications. Full mobility, redundancy, and reliability customers can count on because “Rajant just works”. Testimony from onsite deployments is gold, and you can hear it here.

Rajant Customer Advocacy 2021

The capabilities and benefits of the Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Network are the way of the future. That’s what resellers and customers are saying. Rajant will replace wired connections for industrial networking and beyond. Imagine being able to go anywhere with a piece of equipment? Then, repurpose it, retask it, stripe the ground, and do something different with it, and you don’t have to worry about any of that trailing cable. That’s Rajant wireless.

Rajant Customer Advocacy 2019

When it comes to growing IIoT application and mobility demands, our partners and customers have worked with innumerable connectivity providers. Hear from them, why Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh with InstaMesh software is their choice when it comes to an industrial wireless network. If it’s moving, it is Rajant.