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Rajant - 20 Years of Manufacturing Technology for the Military

Rajant Kinetic Mesh is combat-proven for over 20 years. Hear from military leadership on the confidence and consistency Rajant technology brings to the frontline.

Rajant Underground

Rajant Kinetic Mesh BreadCrumbs – ideal for industrial wireless networking in underground operations. Whether mining, tunnel construction, or passenger transport, look to Rajant.

The Rural Broadband Challenge

Wireless broadband has become a necessary part of everyone’s life. Transformative as water and electricity to the vibrancy of daily living, businesses, governments, schools, and households cannot function in a “digital desert” without the Internet. Hear how collaboration and understanding can drive connectivity to underserved and unserved areas of the United States’ Appalachian Region.

Rajant for Open Pit Mining

With Rajant Fully Mobile V2X/M3M for Open-Pit Mining power next-generation applications with high bandwidth, low latency, and secure wireless. Provide mission-critical, constant contact with equipment and personnel. Adapt dynamically to ever-changing mine environments and landscapes.

Rajant for Underground Mining

With Rajant Fully Mobile V2X/M2M for Underground #mining , enable dozens of next-generation applications to improve worker safety and lower OPEX. Eliminate struggles of leaky feeder with “no fiber required” multi-radio connectivity. Activate full autonomy and mobility with “no infrastructure” easy-to-install BreadCrumb® nodes.

Public Safety March 2022

Wireless M2M Communications [1:10]

Port Comms - "Container Port Communications and the Suez Canal"

Hear from Rajant’s Chris Mason on the critical nature of wireless industrial networking for ports and the analogy to the Suez Canal. Video from BWCS PortComms 2021.

Rajant for Warehouse and Manufacturing Automation

Within today’s indoor industrial wi-fi automated warehouse and manufacturing environments, the infrastructure of the facility – with lots of racks, steel casing, and moving inventory – leads to communication issues. The dynamics – with autonomous vehicles and robots moving indoors and outdoors – require a wireless network to adjust to on-demand mobility. Enter Rajant, overcoming obstructions and obstacles with never-break, go-anywhere connectivity.

Rajant’s Mining Solution at MINExpo

Rajant Kinetic Mesh for open-pit and underground mining. Hear from mining industry strategic partners during MINExpo 2021 – Advocacy for Rajant in autonomous environments where tolerance for latency is extremely low. When having any type of disconnection between a vehicle and the network infrastructure will create an emergency stop, Rajant is there to hold multiple connections for uninterrupted performance.

Adding Smart Warehouse Technology to Maximize Fulfillment Efficiency

To maximize productivity, speed, and accuracy, warehouses, manufacturing, fulfillment centers, and more are turning to robotics. To fortify these operational gains, continuous, mobile connectivity is required. That’s where Rajant comes in providing Kinetic Mesh. Rajant’s unique network is intelligent, self-optimizing, and uniquely able to support machine-to-machine (M2M) communications between equipment on the move.

Public Safety & Security

Rajant wireless networks enable an array of advanced public safety and industrial security applications. See technology in action with Vorbeck, Ghost Robotics, Dejero, and xCRAFT.

Rajant and Vorbeck for Public Safety - First Responders

“Hot zone” (unsafe) to “cold zone” (safe) dynamic communication is critical when it comes to public safety. Rajant with Vorbeck makes this real-time assessment for first responders possible.

Action Sports – ScanRF Duxbury Swartkops

Watch Rajant power true wireless mobility for seamless video streaming.

When Emergencies Strike, Rajant is There

Emergencies strike. Rajant is there. Architected for immediate ad hoc deployment virtually anywhere. Extending and expanding wireless mobile networking in environments where LTE and Wi-Fi suffer.

A Network for the Digitized Power Grid

Until now, point-to-multipoint radios were the only option for grid communications and control. Today, Rajant’s distributed Kinetic Mesh architecture makes it the logical way to deploy and manage grid communications because the network’s connectivity links follow the same path the power takes for grid optimization.

Port Autonomy: Rajant’s M2M-Enabling Network is the Only Choice

Autonomy is the future for port operations and Rajant Corporation enables it today. Our Kinetic Mesh is designed to flawlessly integrate with the diverse array of existing network infrastructure that your port is already leveraging, including satellite, fiber, copper, cellular, LTE, 3G/4G, PTP, and PtMP wireless.

EquineView – IoT

In a quest to build a streaming dashboard for horses we test a heart rate monitor as part of the sensor suite on “Bear”. This horse lives at Durango Farms in PA and was nice enough to let us put a “Franken-saddle” of sensors and bridle mounted 3-axis camera on him for some testing. We used a new small Rajant radio (DX2) on the saddle-pad and all telemetry and bridle video are over mesh. We used two ground ME4 radios for coverage.

Aerial Extreme Skydiving Team

Rajant Corporation hosted its first-ever, live stream of a man-machine aircraft jump, using its model DX2 Kinetic Mesh® technology with InstaMesh®. It was a grand kickoff to #RajantSummit 2019. Rajant radios were attached to members of the Aerial Extreme Skydiving Team providing them with fail-safe, continuous connectivity to deliver audio, video and position information to teams on the ground and in the air in real-time. Thank you, Mike Bougher, Jeff Agard, Jennifer Pierce, Carl Chittim, Paula Talbott and Tom Talbott (Captain) for making the night spectacular.

Rajant's Sagar Chandra interview - Container Terminal Automation Conference 2019

Port Technology (PTI) spoke to many of the industry’s top executives at the 2019 Container Terminal Automation Conference in London on the trends that will be driving growth and innovation in the years to come.

Here is Rajant’s Sagar Chandra, Vice-President, Business Development, Latin America, discussing the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the industry’s common challenges.

DP World Case Study

Watch how Rajant’s wireless kinetic mesh backbone network across the port brings DP World Antwerp’s employees all the information they need in a dynamic, mobile environment.

Norfolk Southern

Smart yards wired with Rajant’s wireless mesh technology. [3:07]


See how Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh® network is being deployed to solve WiFi coverage issues at dynamic industrial and construction job sites without the need to install backbone cabling to multiple WiFi access point locations. The DEWALT® Jobsite WiFi Access Point utilizes the technology to help companies increase productivity and profitability on the job site.

How to Provide Critical Communications to Ports

How Rajant is improving critical communications for container shipping. [4:03]

Ensuring Connectivity Under Intense and Difficult Conditions

Bob Schena, CEO and Co-Founder of Rajant, discusses the origins of the company and its mission to create a wireless broadband network solution that was easy to set up, rapidly deployed, and highly portable – and how these key technology features appealed early to the U.S. military. He explains how under intense and difficult conditions, Rajant connects, and why today, several critical U.S. force protection programs and systems operate across Rajant networks.

Oil Optimized: Get the Most Out of Every Oilfield with Rajant

See how Rajant’s Kinetic wireless Mesh networks offer the ONLY fully mobile private wireless network solution that empowers oil & gas operators to make the paradigm shift away from traditionally manual, disintegrated oil & gas processes – and capitalize on the awaiting productivity gains of a fully integrated digital oilfield.

Port Communications

Ports are extremely complex with countless operational and security functions involved in the successful movement of cargo in and out. To overcome these complexities, connectivity is crucial in helping operators mobilize these functions. However, movement of the world’s goods requires more than an average network, it requires a highly secure, highly mobile network as Rajant has to offer. With our Kinetic Mesh, powered by InstaMesh software, you can open doors to new possibilities and revolutionize the way your port operators work.

The Rajant Rail Generator

Get power onto an otherwise powerless vehicle with Rajant’s wireless Rail Generator power supply for cargo trains. Enabling maintenance applications, braking, telemetry, and more.