Rajant Market Videos


Rajant for Warehouse and Manufacturing Automation
Rajant’s never-break, go-anywhere connectivity is the robust solution. [3:03]
Adding Smart Warehouse Technology to Maximize Fulfillment Efficiency
Why busy warehouses need autonomy to meet growing demands. [3:24]
Public Safety & Security
Rajant wireless networks enable an array of advanced applications. [4:35]
The Rajant Rail Generator
A power supply that attaches to rail cars and cargo trains. [2:38]
Action Sports – ScanRF Duxbury Swartkops
Watch Rajant power true wireless mobility for seamless video streaming. [1:48]
When Emergencies Strike, Rajant is There
Architected for immediate ad hoc deployment virtually anywhere. [2:00]
Rajant & Robotics: A Powerful Combination to Power Autonomy
Rajant to realize the full power of robotics by land, air, and sea. [3:37]
A Network for the Digitized Power Grid
Kinetic Mesh: Designed like the power grid to power communications. [3:38]
Port Autonomy: Rajant’s M2M-Enabling Network is the Only Choice
M2M comms with Kinetic Mesh enable port-wide IIoT connectivity. [3:02]
EquineView – IoT
Measure horses’ vitals in real-time. [3:49]
Aerial Extreme Skydiving Team
Skydivers equipped with Rajant’s technology. [3:04]
DP World Case Study
Wireless challenges of DP World Antwerp are resolved by Rajant. [3:42]
Norfolk Southern
Smart yards wired with Rajant’s wireless mesh technology. [3:07]
How Rajant’s mesh network solves WiFi issues on job sites. [3:16]
How to Provide Critical Communications to Ports
How Rajant is improving critical communications for container shipping. [4:03]
Ensuring Connectivity Under Intense and Difficult Conditions
Rajant’s mission to create a wireless broadband network solution. [1:44]
Oil Optimized: Get the Most Out of Every Oilfield with Rajant
How to prepare for the unpredictability. [4:05]
Port Communications
How Rajant’s mesh network helps ports to improve efficiencies. [2:47]