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Rajant Troubleshooting Tips

Notes from the Field - BC Assurance

Rajant’s post-sale, technical support program that provides a variety of tools to address the health of your client’s Kinetic Mesh network. Includes personal assistance from Rajant technical experts on network performance issues in a proactive and reactive manner from behind the scenes.

Notes from the Field - Securing Your Network

Rajant Kinetic Mesh technology employs military-grade encryption to secure firmware uploads, mesh links, and wireless client data.

Notes from the Field: Network Drift

Learn about Rajant’s preventative toolkit to combat Network Drift. [2:11]

Notes from the Field: Using BC Commander

How to troubleshoot your BC Commander. [6:19]

Notes from the Field: Appropriate Data Gathering

How to identify the scope of your problem. [3:16]

Notes from the Field: Network Design

How to get the most out of Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh Network. [4:57]

Notes from the Field: Introduction

How to evaluate and troubleshoot your network. [0:43]