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ACCESSORIES Kinetic Mesh® Antennas

Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh® antennas consist of a linear array, encapsulated in a heavy-duty fiberglass radome with a thick-walled mounting base for reliable long-term use in harsh environments.

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Rajant Kinetic Mesh® Antennas (KMA)

Rajant Circular Polarized Antennas (RCP)

For use in: Underground mine, tunnel and rail installations

Key Features: significantly better signal propagation to go around obstructions and bends when compared to linear or omni antennas. Bi-directional, dual band, quad port.

RCP Antenna Models

RCP-50LHP-11-NM Antenna

Bi-Directional - Left hand circular polarized

Coming Soon

RCP-50RHP-11-NM Antenna

Bi-Directional - Right hand circular polarized

Coming Soon

RCP-5050-14-14-NM Antenna

Uni-Directional - L/R circular polarized

Coming Soon

Rajant Low Profile Antennas (RLP)

For use in: Warehouse automation, robotics, oil & gas, and utilities

Key Features: dual band and dual port with a low profile design.

RLP Antenna Models

Rajant Multi Polarized Antennas (RMP)

For use in: Drone and robot installations

Key Features: low profile light weight antennas

RMP Antenna Models

Rajant GPS Modules

For use in: mobile deployments.

Key Features: rugged IP67 rated design armored cable

Rajant Fixed Infrastructure Antennas (RFI)

For use in: Oil & gas, and utilities. For fixed installations only.

Key Features: dual band antenna with a single port to cover 2.4 and 5 GHz

RFI Antenna Models