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Machine-to-Machine Communications Made to Advance Warehouse Autonomy

Rajant Kinetic Mesh helps automated and autonomous warehouse systems maintain the continuous mobile connectivity that they need every day. With this unique network, warehouse operations can become smarter, more autonomous, and more mobile because the network itself is intelligent, self-optimizing, and uniquely able to support machine-to-machine (M2M) communications between equipment on the move.

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See how Rajant’s network supports new smart warehouse technology that busy warehouses are adding to maximize fulfillment efficiency.

Rajant’s multi-frequency BreadCrumbs® can hold multiple connections simultaneously and work peer-to-peer to form robust and redundant links between warehouse assets. In turn, the network delivers fully mobile, rapidly scalable, high-capacity M2M connectivity that systems need to operate efficiently and run 24/7.

enabling machine-to-machine m2m communications

Pictured above: M2M communications provide continuous wireless connectivity throughout an entire warehouse while improving efficiency, reducing expenses, and eliminating dead spots.

Ensure Warehouse-Wide, Mission-Critical Coverage

Remotely guided and autonomous warehouse machinery demands ‘never-break’ wireless communications, but metal shelving and equipment can block RF signals and cause automated systems to grind to a halt. Rajant BreadCrumbs, which can hold many connections over multiple frequencies simultaneously, can be easily placed where needed to work around obstructions. These compact, lighweight nodes can even be deployed on robots and equipment working between the racks to readily extend coverage in the hardest-to-network areas.

Instead of having to piggyback off fixed infrastructure, BreadCrumb-equipped machines can communicate directly. In fact, Rajant is the only wireless network to enable M2M communications, providing a robust solution to connect your warehouse assets, everywhere they roam, using minimal infrastructure.

m2m connectivity for warehouse automation

Automate Dangerous, Difficult, or Repetitive Processes

Warehouse operations can be hazardous to personnel if not performed to standards. Manual processes also create the risk of human error – which could result in costly inventory loss or worse, put workers in unsafe predicaments. Kinetic Mesh provides continuous connectivity for new applications that allow operators to keep personnel out of danger areas, augment worker productivity through automation, and optimize the accuracy of repetitive, high-volume tasks.

This includes enabling automated guided vehicles and autonomous robots; automated inventory identification, data capture, and sortation; and remote operation of storage, retrieval, and material handling systems to keep workers off the floor themselves. The continuous mobile connectivity provided by Rajant’s network can also be used for telemetry to monitor equipment health in real-time, and for real-time video to monitor worker safety.

With proactive insight into the status and performance of personnel and machines throughout the warehouse, operators can minimize disruptions, downtime, and danger.

m2m communications for warehouse automation

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