Providing Petrochemical Plants with a Smart Network to Power Industry 4.0 Technologies

Providing Petrochemical Plants with a Smart Network to Power Industry 4.0 Technologies

To capitalize on market growth and keep ahead of the competition, petrochemical plants are turning to Industry 4.0 technologies. But these advanced productivity- and safety-enhancing applications demand industrial IoT connectivity—a requirement that Wi-Fi and two-way radio WAN cannot fulfill. This is why plants need Rajant Kinetic Mesh®.

Uniquely engineered for dynamic and hazardous environments, Rajant offers a single, smarter network solution for the petrochemical industry. Kinetic Mesh is comprised of C1D1/C1D2 intrinsically safe and NEMA4X/IP67 wireless BreadCrumb® nodes, which can be attached to fixed or mobile assets, including equipment, vehicles, and infrastructure—without mounting in an explosion box.

BreadCrumbs make multiple peer-to-peer, simultaneous connections and support up to four frequencies, providing built-in network redundancy. Our patented InstaMesh software is the foundation of the Rajant Kinetic Mesh network and the primary reason Rajant networks outperform competitive systems. InstaMesh orchestrates traffic over these meshed connections, always choosing the fastest path for delivery. If signal blockage or interference is detected, the Kinetic Mesh network dynamically self-optimizes, instantly redirecting traffic to alternative paths as needed.

This provides petrochemical plants with a single converged network to support data, video, and voice communications with mission-critical reliability. And that means they can now have the industrial IoT network foundation needed to power Industry 4.0 capabilities—from RFID tracking of personnel for safety monitoring—to remote monitoring and control of all valves and systems in the plant—to advanced applications like augmented reality that multiplies worker productivity while keeping them out of hazardous areas of the plant.

And, sites can easily scale the network to run more devices and applications as their facility grows—because additional BreadCrumbs can be rapidly deployed to augment or create infrastructure ad-hoc, extending coverage to every corner of the plant. In fact, the more nodes you add, the more resilient the network becomes.

Advanced petrochemical operations require ubiquitous network coverage to enable Industry 4.0 efficiencies. That’s why plants today demand Rajant Kinetic Mesh. 🖉