Out There, Failure is Not an Option

Out There, Failure is Not an Option

Failure Is Not An Option

The proliferation of wireless networks and availability of Wi-Fi leads many of us to take connectivity for granted. Today, nearly everyone has instant access to wireless.

But what about challenging industries and environments—such as mining, military, oil and gas, ports, and even first responders and border security—where people, vehicles and equipment are typically in motion and when connectivity is a requirement, not an option? Changes in topography, climate, and the state of motion of individual network nodes pose serious challenges for the delivery of “always-on” wireless broadband connectivity.

In these and other demanding applications, Rajant Corporation’s Kinetic Mesh® networking technology provides proven, reliable meshed wireless broadband. A true pioneer of pervasive, multi-frequency wireless solutions, Rajant is changing the way the industrial world utilizes mobile infrastructure by enabling customers to deploy agile, scalable, high performance networks that seamlessly adapt to the changing environments in which they operate.

Connectivity When it Counts — A Rajant Network in Action

Today, many industries are faced with more challenges than ever before. Those challenges include a growing number of connectivity issues, especially those in unique and hazardous environments and those still connected to cellular networks. In order for wireless broadband technology to be part of an effective and comprehensive solution, it must be able to deliver real-time applications and successfully convert sensor, radar and video data into actionable intelligence.

Rajant’s private wireless solution lets you rapidly deploy a network anywhere. Our BreadCrumbs move in with agility to augment or create infrastructure ad-hoc, affixing to mobile vehicles to seamlessly connect hot zones and provide ubiquitous coverage over widespread areas. Rajant’s BreadCrumbs also make multiple connections and dynamically switch frequencies to avoid traffic, never breaking for a hand-off. That means no data gets lost, and it all gets delivered with real-time speed.

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For example, there is an actual Rajant network spanning 145 square miles with over 200 multi-radio nodes, almost all of which are continually in motion. What is even more impressive is the fact that a large number of operational applications are running concurrently on this network to include dispatch production scheduling, haul truck health monitoring, real-time mobile equipment monitoring, video monitoring, and various office applications.

The Rajant Difference — Designed to Deploy, Dynamic, Proven Time and Again

Today’s growing demand for anywhere, anytime communications is proving the need in almost every industry for an evolved network. Rajant recognized early that with rapidly proliferating mobile applications would come growing connectivity complexities for organizations of all types.

Rajant’s networks empower those in industries which commonly have personnel and equipment that are remote, geographically dispersed, and/or constantly on the move with private network capabilities that are fast, flexible, intelligent, and made to optimize productivity. As remote personnel continue to grapple with the complexities of establishing and maintaining broadband communications in rugged terrain and harsh physical environments, Rajant is continuing to bring more innovation to the industry with their leading Kinetic Mesh technology and InstaMesh routing protocol for mission-critical communications. Rajant’s more recent developments involve integrating their BreadCrumb® nodes to deliver high-definition mesh smart cameras and solutions for thermal imaging, RFID, robotics and edge processing.

Hence, in a market crowded with options and competing claims of uptime, flexibility and bandwidth, Rajant stands alone. When it comes to mesh networking technology, flashy marketing materials, slide shows and data sheets don’t allow for a true comparison. Rather than promising what it can’t deliver, Rajant prefers to show its proven, large-scale, real-world deployments—providing reliable networking in challenging situations where connectivity is essential. In the end, discover the operational impact that everywhere connectivity makes with Rajant. 🖉