Rajant, Investing in America—from Antennas to BreadCrumbs

Rajant, Investing in America—from Antennas to BreadCrumbs

Over five years ago, Rajant CEO Bob Schena decided to open a satellite office in Morehead, Kentucky to spur economic development in the region and employ some of the skilled workers who call the area home. Nowadays, the Morehead office is home to 24 skilled workers—all putting their time and effort toward a plethora of projects.

One of the largest amongst these is customer support. The Morehead office acts as the hub for Rajant’s customer and technical support. Nearly every technical issue that any of Rajant customers experience will find its way to the eyes of the engineers working in Morehead. In addition, they use automation tools and techniques to improve the customer support process further, allowing them to diagnose network and hardware issues swiftly and accurately.

On top of technical support, other projects and functions are being carried out by the Morehead office. This office location is also responsible for the production and testing of Rajant’s KM3, ES1 and DX2 BreadCrumbs®. Assembly, testing, documentation, and shipping are all completed in-house under one roof. The dedicated team at the Morehead office strives for the best when it comes to producing the BreadCrumbs our customers need.

The Kentucky staff members also perform tests to determine if new technology can meet the needs of our customers. For example, team members recently performed antenna testing on multi-band antennas in the hopes that these antennas might better support our customer’s diverse needs.

In development, a new and novel use for Rajant’s patented InstaMesh® technology is being applied to a product involving horses, dubbed in-house as “Pony Mesh.” This is where live video stream meets live biosensors. Still in the testing stage, this innovative use of InstaMesh means the temperature, heart rate, gait, speed, and jumps can be tracked and measured. Additionally, a very small motionless camera can be attached to a bridle to live stream video from horse’s point of view and perspective. This wildly popular concept will hopefully find its way someday to the Kentucky Derby. While all of this is still in development, the progress up to this point is very promising.

Last but not least is Rajant’s establishing a new location in the Morehead area. This facility is a further investment in the U.S. economy—all in support of the Rajant brand, the Rajant product, and the Rajant name. 🖉