Autonomous Network Made to Advance Warehouse Automation

The Autonomous Network Made to Advance Warehouse Automation

autonomous network for warehouse automation

Warehouses today must operate at peak efficiency, 24/7, in order to keep up with growing customer demands. To optimize workflows and drive higher levels of throughput, many are turning to robotics and automation. These technologies are proving to have a transformative impact on warehouse operations, giving new ability to automate repetitive tasks, augment worker productivity, improve picking and sorting accuracy, and speed fulfillment.

However, the more automated and autonomous warehouse systems become, the more demand they have for continuous mobile connectivity. If these machines lose communication even momentarily, they will stop running, which greatly impacts fulfillment workflows and productivity. This is a challenge for traditional wireless networks which rely on fixed infrastructure. They can’t easily work around obstacles commonly found on the warehouse floor, like metal pallet racks that cause interference and signal blockage. Further, when mobile robots are moving between the racks, operators have no way to keep them connected without adding additional costly network infrastructure

That is why modern warehouses need Rajant Kinetic Mesh®. Our network enables warehouse operations to become smarter, more autonomous, and more mobile because the network itself is intelligent, self-optimizing, and uniquely able to support machine-to-machine (M2M) communications between equipment on the move.

The Autonomous Network to Optimize Automated Processes & Inventory Flow

Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh private wireless network is built to perform exceptionally in busy warehouses, where fast-paced fulfillment is crucial and mission-critical connectivity is required to keep automated processes running. BreadCrumb® nodes, which comprise the network, can be deployed directly on warehouse machinery – like mobile robot pickers – providing adaptive coverage across the warehouse that personnel and machines need to get their jobs done. Rajant’s private wireless network enables modern warehouses to become more autonomous because the network itself is intelligent and self-optimizing. Here’s how…

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