Industrial Indoor WiFi for Manufacturing

End Industrial Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh® networks are uniquely equipped to handle the complexities of today’s evolving industrial operations. Extend and expand your mobile reach to more places, people, and applications. Rajant’s M2M capabilities offer new ways to control and track your essential 24/7 processes.

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Learn about the best kept secret in tech and see how Rajant Kinetic Mesh wireless networks autonomously adapt to operational and environmental changes indoors, outdoors, and underground.

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    Rajant Kinetic Mesh - The True Solution for Industrial Wi-Fi


    From warehousing to manufacturing, industrial enterprises today must operate at peak efficiency, 24/7, to keep up with growing customer demands. Many are turning to robotics and automation to optimize workflows and drive higher levels of throughput. If these machines lose communication, they will stop running, significantly impacting fulfillment workflows and productivity.

    Rajant Kinetic Mesh® and BreadCrumb® nodes solve industrial Wi-Fi problems.

    Overcome the physical and RF obstructions hindering your fully mobile operations with our latest Breadcrumb module; the Cardinal’s extended range supports high-capacity M2M communications.

    The Sparrow BreadCrumb is an IP67 Kinetic Mesh network device intended for use in harsh environments on everything from heavy duty machinery to light-duty vehicle applications.

    Optimized for mobility, the Hawk BreadCrumb is a high-performance industrial-grade node gives higher throughput with enhanced security performance using 256QAM, 80 MHz channels, and hardware acceleration

    The ES1 BreadCrumb comes in a compact, lightweight, IP67 package ideal for deployment on forklifts and stackers as well as autonomous robots. It provides great flexibility with multiple mounting options.

    Encased in magnesium and weighing in at only 123g, the DX2 BreadCrumb is the smallest, lightest node with a single 2x2 transceiver and is designed for lightweight autonomous vehicles, drones and robots.

    Learn how Rajant’s products solve connectivity issues.

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    Benefits of Rajant Kinetic Mesh networks:

    • End Industrial Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems
    • Overcome Obstructions and Interference
    • Extend and Expand Your Reach
    • Fully Mobile Connectivity

    Markets we serve: Indoor, Outdoor, or Underground—we’ve got it covered.

    Rajant’s reliable Kinetic Mesh solution makes it easy to stay connected. Whether your work takes you indoors, outdoors, or underground, Rajant’s technology ensures fast, reliable communication—even in harsh conditions.

    Recorded at MODEX 2022, March 28-31 at Atlanta’s Georgia World Congress Center.