Tired of Machines Dropping Data?

Time to Drop Your Network.

Operational data is the lifeblood of mines seeking to reach new levels of productivity and safety. That’s why only a mission-critical network will do.

Wi-Fi mesh can’t provide the continuous, fully mobile connectivity required to power today’s data-driven mines. Only Rajant Kinetic Mesh® can.

With Wi-Fi, when equipment moves, it loses connectivity. Valuable insights into machine health and performance are dropped, and production grinds to a halt.

Wi-Fi also has no way to route around adverse network conditions, creating latency challenges especially at scale. That means it can’t grow to support new demands like autonomy.


With Rajant Kinetic Mesh, each BreadCrumb® node that comprises the network can be fully mobile and maintain multiple connections at a time, creating hundreds of potential paths to direct data. BreadCrumbs are equipped with the intelligence of our InstaMesh® networking software, which orchestrates traffic via the fastest path at the moment, dynamically adapting as network and environmental conditions change.

In fact, by affixing BreadCrumbs to mobile mining vehicles and equipment, you can rapidly augment or create infrastructure ad-hoc, seamlessly connecting hot zones to provide ubiquitous coverage over widespread areas. Kinetic Mesh becomes stronger as more nodes are added, and neither the high bandwidth nor low latency is affected.

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